Employment oppertunities

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With the use of technology there are now a lot more employment opportunities available. This is because since their is a vast amount of technology, many people are needed to keep it running and work with them. The first main employment opportunity is for web designers. Years ago there was no need for this type of job, however now since there are millions of WebPages online, people want better and more professional web pages, so there is now a great need for web designers.

Since many companies and shops now have their own personal websites they are always hiring web designers to make the websites for them. Many people are now choosing to study this skill as it is a demanding industry and better skills are constantly needed as there is a lot of competition between web pages. Since there is so much technology now available, it has created many jobs for people to help with it. For example, people are needed as computer programmers to enable computers to function correctly and improve them.

As well as this, many people are needed to show others how to use the technology. People are choosing to start home businesses involving web design and many other aspects in technology including custom making computers. As people can access all of the world from their own home it is incredibly easy to set up their own business, and since they are self employed, they can earn more money.

As well as jobs being created in technology itself, the internet allows people to find easily access information on job vacancies and opportunities, sites like “www.jobsite. co. uk or www. monster. co. uk” these sites allow people to upload their cv’s to the sites and search from thousands of jobs and filter the results depending on: location, salary and type of job.

All these features make it very accessible and drastically help people to find work, as well as easily allowing employers to advertise for staff. Years ago the only option to find work was to look through newspapers or visit a local job centre, however being able to search for work online is a lot more accessible and convenient.

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