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I work for the Leicester Chamber of Commerce and have been asked to undertake a four part piece of case study research of Employer and Employees Relations. I have to consider the importance of good employee/ employer relations in a business organisation. I have to investigate the rights and responsibilities of both employee and employer and the methods used to gain employee co-operation. I will highlight the fact that legislation and EU directives play a major role in employee relations and identify how these are applied within an organisation of my choice.

The success of a business is often reliant on relationships with employees. This research will give me the opportunity to investigate and report on working relationships, how negotiations take place, how disputes are avoided or resolved and how employee potential can be developed to the benefit of the individual and the organisation. Task One Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers [P1] I will identify and describe the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in a selected business.

With guidance from my teacher, I have selected an appropriate business organisation for this task. The business I have chosen to do is McDonalds. McDonald’s is one of the best-known brands worldwide. There are now more than 30,000 McDonald’s Restaurants in over 119 countries. Today, over 70 percent of McDonald’s restaurants are run on this basis. In the UK, the first franchised restaurant opened in 1986 – there are now over 1,200 restaurants, employing more than 70,000 people, of which 36 percent are operated by franchisees.

The organisational structure of McDonalds is hierarchical because there is series of levels. The diagram on the next page shows the downward flow of communication for McDonalds. The rights and responsibilities of employees McDonald’s Crew member Crew member’s responsibility is to work hard and get the jobs done as told by their supervisors. McDonald’s Supervisors Supervisors are quite different from other people and their supervision style, focus, and goals are very important. McDonald’s supervisors are responsible for making sure that the kitchen is running very well.

In order to do this a supervisor will stand in the kitchen and supervise people or tell them what’s right or wrong. McDonald’s Managers McDonald’s goals are very important, in order to achieve them and make them successful, McDonald’s managers use their resources in an effective and efficient way. Mc Donald’s Board of Directors The b. of. d is responsible for handling and leading McDonalds. This might involve, involving people to follow directions carefully in order to fulfil something. A typical McDonald’s restaurant employees about 60 people.

Most employees are paid by the hour and are referred to as ‘crew members’. Their primary responsibility is to prepare the food, serve customers and carry out tasks for the efficient running of the restaurants. Other hourly-paid employees who work alongside them include Training Squad Members, Dining Area Host/esses, Party Entertainers, Administrative Assistants, Security Co-ordinators, Maintenance Staff, Night Closers, Floor Managers and Shift Running Floor Managers. These employees carry out more specific job functions.

Their overall role, however, is to ensure the restaurant runs efficiently. The remaining restaurant-based employees are salaried managers. It is their responsibility to manage the restaurant’s operations, crew and business performance. Each McDonald’s restaurant is structured as an independent business, with restaurant management responsible for accounting, operations, inventory control, community relations, training and human resources. The remaining company employees are salaried office staff, working in either the Corporate or Regional Departments.

McDonalds have some temporary staff, which is for an effective time only; not permanent: a temporary need; a temporary job. McDonalds also have students working in their organisation; they have more students than other workers. Permanent staffs are also recruited usually for long period of time. Below are the main laws which apply to employees. (The laws I found them on the internet because I did not know what the laws are for McDonalds, the source of the website will be shown in the bibliography. )

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