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The branding of a company is one that allows for explanation of how the company functions from an image. In identifying how the organization and images are presented, it is easy to see how the company’s internal structure works in function with the external structure. The company that was reviewed in order to identify these ideals was Direct TV. Through examining its website, and comparing to other websites, it can be seen where the strengths are for the company.

Direct TV is effective in their website by organizing their information as an employer in a direct way. The first thing that is seen is in the upper left hand corner, where the logo is located for direct TV. Underneath this, there is a menu. The center of the website also draws attention as it provides images that stand out of HBO and CineMax. The company then has different package deals organized; all arranged by price and quality of what is received for the company. When scrolling down, one sees a picture of a group of youth, all from the new show Entourage. On the side, the company has Internet deals that are a part of the package offered by the company.

The organization of this front page allows one to see what the company offers and which target markets they are focusing on. The main focus is on the packages. This allows one to see the different capabilities, dependent on what an individual would be able to afford as well as what types of cable they would like. If one is able to afford more channels, they can upgrade. This shows that the company is interested in reaching different markets and levels of income for the product that they are selling. The Internet offers that are on the side shows a secondary market for those who are interested in technology. This also defines part of the target market for the company.

The organization of the company also can be seen through the logo that is offered. The color of the logo is blue, representative of corporate identity. The logo also shows that the company is interested in identifying an image that is simple and easy to remember. The identity also is focused on a professional image, as this is one of the promises made from the beginning. This can also be seen in the equipment and services that are offered. For extra services, Direct TV continues to reach to new and potential customers by offering parental controls and DirectTV for schools. This allows the company to expand into more potential markets (DirectTV, 2007).

The next set of information is for the job opportunities and potential applicants that are interested in the cable television company. When first looking at the job opportunities, it provides information that will attract those who are interested into expanding into becoming a service provider for a long term basis. This can be seen through the initial link which is for benefits and compensation. Direct TV also focuses on career opportunities by location. This provides one who is potentially looking to be in this market with information that will give them a long term solution to all of the locations, with general information on employment.

If one is more interested in the overall functioning of the company, there is also general information on the organization of the company. By looking into the mission, vision and objectives of the company, one can see where the organization is. The company’s organization with the details that are provided can help to explain what the employees will be focusing on. Beyond this, there can be explanations of where the company is going by looking into the press room as well as the community activities that have been provided. These all show the benefits and the downfalls of the company.

The career opportunities available are also linked to a commercial advertisement for those who have seen the benefits of becoming a cable installer. This is the direct target that the company is continuously looking to expand, with other job opportunities, such as help centers, becoming secondary. Within this, the company will be expecting those who work with them to have innovative potential, as well as a desire to work within cable television. In order to become a part of this particular team, one has to first fill out a profile which identifies their location as well as the experience that the individual has. From here, the correct representative will contact them for the required information (DirectTV Careers, 2007).

It is easy for people to access information and applies for a job. There is a direct link under the “About DirectTV” link. There is also the ability to call for technical information or customer service, in the instance that the profile can not be accessed. This shows that there is the ability to grow in the internal structure of the company. The DirectTV link that provides this information shows that there is organization not only from what is offered to customers, but also with what is offered to the internal environment among the employees.

A competitor of Direct TV is Dish Network. When looking at this site, the major focus is divided differently. The Dish Network is more appealing than Direct TV. When one goes to the main page, there is more direct access to the organization, without the division of different packages. When one goes to the career pages, there are also different types of access. There is not just one organization of the careers available, but instead, a link to different possible careers in the company. On the main career page, there is a picture on one side, showing individuals with the career. Above, there is an ad, stating “Your Future is Looking Up.” This allows the page to look more appealing to work for. From here, there is an explanation of the philosophy for workers first, which shows the organization starting from the beginning to explain what is available.

The Dish Network continues to be appealing because of the division of different types of careers. If one wants an HR career, they click on one specific area. If they are interested in other career opportunities, they move to a different link, which explains what is needed and provides an application. There is also a link to Echo Star, which is the main employer for satellite TVs. By explaining these three different areas and making the careers area, as well as the other areas clearer and more appealing, it allows one to be drawn towards the company more. Beyond this, there is also a side menu which has more explanations, including a diversity statement, locations, recruiting programs and career opportunities. If one wants more depth to the company, they can have options that are organized next to the company (Dish Network Careers, 2007).

The idea of employer branding is located in the image that is presented by both companies. The more organization that is available, as well as the way in which the pages are presented and divided shows the general atmosphere of the organization and how it functions. Through Direct TV, it can be seen where the priorities are for both companies and it shows how the organization links to what is offered from the company. The focus of image and the overall presentation of a company provide insight into employer relationships with both customers and with employees.

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