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A trade union is an organisation which employees join to gain greater power and security at work. Union membership can provide greater influence collectively in relations with employers than workers have as separate individuals. Trade unions have a long history. Their size and influence have declined in the last 20 years but they are still important. Their role has perhaps developed away from confrontation towards cooperation with managers and conflict resolution.

hese unions recruit members from all industries and types of employer, and across the whole range of skills and types of work The General Municipal Boilermakers and Allied Trade Union (GMB) White-collar unions These unions attract members who tend to be office rather than direct manufacturing production workers, hence ‘white-collar’ rather than ‘blue-collar’ of the traditional stereotype of the factory worker The National Union of Teachers (NUT); Banking Insurance and Finance Union (BIFU)The workforce applies to the employer’s own rules and procedures ‘to the letter’.

An example would be a train driver who insisted on following the checking procedure in the driver’s manual before taking the train out of the station. The driver could not be criticised but inevitably delay or cancel the train. To improve the performance and effectiveness of organisations by providing an independent and impartial service to prevent and resolve disputes and to build harmonious relationships at work.

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