Employees is important in every business

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In this section, it is required to establish and develop the resources of my business. In human resources, recruiting of employees is important in every business. One person can’t run the entire business, so I need a set of staff to help me in running the restaurant. Having a business of food is not easy, because the safety of the staff and customers are the main concerns of this business. If the business is not safe and don’t have any rights and laws to protect them, no one will attempt to apply and this can cause the failure of the business.

Treating the members of the staff in a good way is really important. For the physical resources, I need to have equipments and materials that has good quality. If the machineries and equipments are in good quality, it will give the business good productions and results. These equipments and materials will help me to make the productions better and easier. Kitchen equipments nowadays are really expensive, so choosing the right quality of the equipments is important. When it comes to financial terms, taking care and using the money in a right way is the key for the success and expansion of the business.

If the owner of a business doesn’t know how to use the money of the business, they might not gain their profit and cause the failure of the business. Being the owner of my business, it is my responsibility to take good care of the money that is coming in my business. I need to budget the money and control the expenditures of my business as much as possible. When buying some equipment, I need to plan it first before purchasing. Planning before spending is very important. Human Resources This section of my business will look after the employees, keeping their records, training and disciplining.

As the owner of the business, I am the one responsible for the safety and development of my employees. I must assure them that the workplace is safe and they will learn a lot once they start working. I must have a good relationship to my employees so they will feel that they are loved and feel motivated whenever they are working. For my business, I need to have a set of staff to run the daily activities of the restaurant. In this case, all the members of the staff should be 21 years old and above. At least, they must have a working background in a restaurant to suite their working positions.

Therefore, I need to have 3 chefs (including myself), 4 waiters and 3 kitchen porters. Their wages and salaries depend on what kind of positions they are in. The waiters and porters will be getting i?? 5. 50 an hour and i?? 6. 50 for the chefs (not including myself). Health and Safety Health and safety of the staff and customers are very important. My business can produce quality food and service if all my employees are safe and healthy. Keeping the restaurant clean especially the kitchen is very important. Cleaning the kitchen everyday can prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that can endanger the health of the customers and staff.

Staff are not allowed to smoke inside the kitchen. Smoking is strongly prohibited inside the premises including the customers. Laws and Equal Opportunities Every employee that is being hired from my business are safeguarded by legislation. These legislations are given to them to have insurance for the work that they are doing. There are so many equal opportunities for the employees working at my restaurant. They may include statements in their job advertisements, which says that they do not discriminate against anyone ‘on grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, being married of disability.

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