Employee relations

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Peter Rose (1994) suggests women perform less well on quantitative financial measures such as jobs created, sales turnover, profitability. Dr Eleanor Shaw of Strathclyde University, co-author of the report explains: “Most women hold low-paid, unskilled or semi-skilled positions, and earn on average 72% of male earnings. (www.comstrade.com) It is affected by the Female’s responsibility for the family and children. They spend more time for the children, so the performance of the business is affected. Of course, their income will lower than the mail competitors.

For the Casey, she gives up the market of the lunch serving and the all holiday. Usually, the holiday will bring more sales and profit for the food services industry. But it is also the only chance; Casey can have time play with Alex. For the son, she gives up to earn more money. It’s common in the female’s small business. They put more time on the family, but not the problem of the talent In fact, Peter Rosa and Daphne Hamilton found that women are satisfied with smaller earnings in their enterprises, perhaps because they want to work less while at the same time they attach more importance to quality of life and “the holistic life”, that might not the problem for Casey didn’t expend her business, because that is the real life her wanted.

Carefully and warmly

Casey thought of her business carefully than other male entrepreneur, she wants to keep reputation for her restaurant, and fully prepare to start a new takeaway. She has achieved sufficient condition to start up her business, such as food hygiene certificate, food insurance and VAT number to improve the service quality and make higher credibility to the customer. Furthermore, when other Chinese two restaurants, Roast Chicken and Sea King takeaway, enhance their promotional activities, for instance, they serve the lunch (China Town has no lunch and delivery service), buffet and free delivery to customer, and present the new delicious dish and food attract more and more people aware their brand, China Town didn’t unreasoning just followed those two restaurants, Casey says, the real competitive advantage to China Town is good service and close relationship with customer, ensure the food cleansing and delicious is most important factors to keep the customer.

She also said about English culture, most people like traditional and original things, not new things. So she compete with other competitors through improve the quality control and good service, such as keep the dish warm until take away, and she remember every old customer’s name and their favorite dishes so that save the time and close relationship with customers. Through the carefully thinking by Casey, she has obtained strong competitive advantage compare with other two Chinese takeaways.

In addition, compared with male-owned businesses, women are under-capitalized, have less managerial experience and inferior access to financial and other networks. To avoid the financial problem, Casey thought it’s dangerous and difficult to apply the bank loan, so she didn’t plan to re-decorate the original takeaway, even though it’s really old style restaurant. From the beginning, she only has limited money to lease the home and managing the business. Casey says she has to carefully think of the money problem, the most important to her is son and her own life, “there was no need to make the bank loan because more risk and out of control”.

Female owner are unwilling to expend, but it doesn’t means no improving. Through increase the equality of service, nice profit and keep the loyalty consumers also can be achieved. Although Casey doesn’t want to change and expend her business, she had re-decorated her restaurant before five months. (Appendix) “The important thing to improve the environment, is satisfied the customers and enhance the service quality furthest”, says Casey.

Better communication skill

Harold (1984) suggests that women are better at communication and at tasks requiring language abilities. It can help the business to establish the closed relationship with customers and attract more people through the word-of-mouth. Similarly, Casey is a kind woman to the customer, sometimes customer complain the dish are too cold and not fresh enough. Casey apologized to them first and give them a free new dish, even the whole meal are free to the customers with smile.

Then the customer will be satisfied, next time they will come again. Although some time, it is not the fault of the take away, but the customer pick quarrel. However, Casey believes the only way to live are depend on her customers, make the customer satisfied with the quality and service are necessarily, the good communication skill could ensure the high satisfaction level and keep the good brand image around people.

Employee relations

Many female entrepreneurs stated that issues of employee relations posed the most difficult and intractable of all problems. (Sara Carter, 2000, p173) On the other hand, Cynthia (1991) believes that men tended to “command and control” and women leaned toward “transformational” patterns, using interpersonal skills. Women differ from men in that they “encourage participation, share power and information, enhance other people’s self-worth, and get others excited about their work.

Casey described herself like a good nature woman, which means patient to her employees and customers. She could made the better and softly communication with her employees if something goes wrong, such as prepare the wrong dish to wrong customer or when the customer complain the poor service and quality. She says she knows everyone is working hard every day, they are unhappy to be criticized, as sometimes the mistakes are ineluctable. Most time she will say doesn’t matter to her employees and encourage them try their best to improve and put right. “The serious conflict can be avoided if you are patient and heartsease”.

On the other hand, sometimes she feels that be a female affect she manage the staff. As a woman, sometimes hard to control employees, even though woman is patient, she might out of control at the same time. For example, employees always show their attitude or comment without any constrain, and they consider Casey as their friends not boss, Casey says it’s a good thing and also a bad thing because sometimes she feel shy to command or point out the problem from them.

However, according to the research by Harold Welsch and Earl Young, women’s management style prioritizes teamwork, cooperation in networks, and flat hierarchies, Casey also believes cooperate with her employees all the time, her business can be improve, so she is tolerant when the employees made the mistakes. That is also a difference from man, the male manager is serious and rigid, they are more likely control their employees easily, but cannot made the higher motivation and willingness from subordinates.

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