Employee organisations and unions

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An important part which the human resource department at Tesco carry out is development. This is when the human resource at Tesco tracks the development of their staff. This is an important stage regarding to a staff at Tesco. Usually a supervisor from a higher class will watch and judge the staff. They decide whether the staff at Tesco are trying their hardest and are performing well, if they are not they’ll find a way to help them. The development department will encourage and support endlessly the Tesco staff, this is also known as appraisal. This is the job of the development area of the human resources department at Tesco.

Employee organisations and unions Almost all of Tesco’s staff, full time workers or part time workers join an organisation and union. To make sure the staffs views are represented employees will often join a trade union. These are national organizations with branches in different parts of the country. Some people choose to join a staff association, whose activities are restricted to a particular employer.

Tesco’s human resource department have a employee organisation and union area, because for example if the business is poor and redundancies are possible, it would be impossible to find a solution to suit everyone so the employer would have to make a difficult decision. Good relations between employers and employees are only possible if both feel that they can discuss major problems and anticipated changes, if there can be discussion and consultation about key issues and if they genuinely want to work together to find a solution. After employees have been involved in a consultative process they are usually more likely to accept a negotiated outcome. A trade union is a voluntary organisation which employees are free to join if they wish.

Another point to indicate about the Employee organisations and unions at Tesco is that, Tesco will try to encourage the staff to join a union for protection; they think it’s the best option, because if one of the staff has an accident, the union can offer help. Finally the organisation and union at Tesco will always support their staff, if they have any problems. Health and safety They are also responsible for the health and safety of their staff. They regularly check the equipment to make sure they are safe to use or be around. Staffs needs to be trained to high standards. It’s the job of the human resource department to make sure that their staff are up to date with new technology e.g. stock check are no longer done with one and paper checklist but with electronic hand held scanners.

The human resource department set up the health and safety department, so that they can make sure that Tesco’s staffs are working in the right environment and in a safe environment. If the staffs at Tesco are happy with the health & safety they are getting, they will be happy, if they’re not they’ll leave. Additionally the health and safety the Tesco staff are receiving have to be satisfactory, because happy staffs are productive staff, which Tesco are looking for.

Promotion The last job of the human resources department at Tesco is promotion. Before Tesco put on the market a new product, it is the job of the human resources area to promote the product, before selling it. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company.

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