Employee Contributions to Working Conditions

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The job description for the Store Manager is different from other terms of employments because their responsibility is to be charge of the store and be able to manage the staff in an appropriate way. The salary for the Store Manager is  28k –  32k. Every Argos & Argos Extra has got a Store Manager to run the store properly. The Store Manager will be responsible for anything that happens to the employee and also needs to take account of the employees’ general behaviour in the Argos Extra. The Manager deals with the running of the store according to the company’s rules and regulation.

Managers motivate the staff in the organisation to work hard and do their best, balancing the needs of staff with ensuring that jobs are completed on time and to the right standard. Managers have the right about making sure the staff or customers are kept pleased and satisfied, as this is part of their role. The manager set goals, set up rules of operating, communicating and decision-making. Store Managers manages the stores and may plan advertising campaigns and sales promotion, hire and train personnel.

Store Managers may also oversee the re-modelling of the store, plan the layout of the store and the design display of the store as well and also decide on the selling strategies. There is a possibility that Store Managers do supervise employees or do sales work. The Store Managers would be there to represent the store in negotiating with manufacturers. Within small stores, Store Managers are likely to perform most of the duties while in a large store like Argos Extra; they may direct others in their duty.

In Argos Extra, the Store Managers’ working conditions could include a considerable amount of walking and standing in the store since their duties may take them every part of the store. The Store Manager frequently involve with a variety of people, both staff and the purchasers because this is a part of managers’ job. Britain’s most rapidly expanding blue chip retailers with a strong emphasis on the evolving needs of customers whilst maintaining commitment to good value and quality products, is looking for dynamic commercial team players with strong interpersonal and customer service skills to add value to their company.

Store Manager Job role: The role is to manage a large volume turnover superstore / hypermarket during the night period. You will be responsible for the management of departments ensuring consistent delivery of targets and standards. You will have a management team underneath you to deliver these key performance areas. This is seen as a very senior role within their business and is definitely a step in the right direction. Roles exist for 24hr trading and pure replenishment operations depending on location. This opportunity is with one of the biggest retailers in Europe.

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