Employee attributes and their value

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Create a table showing the job related, universal and personal attributes that an employer like IT Services. Com may look for in order to be a successful company. Explain why IT Services. Com may value these particular attributes. Using at least two examples; explain why the personal attributes needed by a Sales Person would be different to the IT Technician. (Pass Criteria) Job Related, Universal related, Personal Related Attribute Why the attribute is valued? Universal Planning and organising This attribute is important because it allows the employee to get the job done effectively and in the quickest time possible.

Also, things are likely to be stored very safely and they will not be lost. IT technicians have to maintain hardware and repair equipment. They keep a log about all the faults in any computers in the work place. This planning skill allows them to not miss any maintenance work. Universal Team working Most jobs require working in teams and as far as employers are concerned they want the job done as quick and effective as possible. This means employees have to get along with each other barring arguments and have to come to a mutual compromise if there is an issue. Good teamwork results in healthy work morale.

ITservices. com has 5 technicians who have to maintain the website. It’s imperative that they work in a cohesive unit otherwise their combined work will not be good enough to sustain the business. Personal Creativity Creativity will allow the employee to contribute to the company’s efficiency. Creative people find excellent answers to the company’s problems. It furthers the company’s reputation and also gives them a competitive edge. Artists, Graphic designers and web designers have creative attributes whereby their products such as web design could help a company’s image. Universal

Independence This attribute saves the employer’s time and this will in turn save the company’s time and money. Employees who have this attribute will digest information very quickly and get on with their job with minimal fuss. This attribute is more useful with a smaller company such as IT services. Their employees have a bigger workload shared by a smaller number of employees. An employee who is lazier than the others will hold back the progress of the company. There is only 1 financial manager in IT services. He has to deal with the financial matters himself and get the job done.

Personal Determination This attribute is particularly valuable to employers whereby the employee will stop at nothing to get a job done or find a solution. For example, the 3 sales persons who work for IT services will have to persist with customers and capture a deal. Making a sale is very much down to determination. Universal Self Motivation If an employee was self motivated, they wouldn’t need any one else to push them to do the job faster or more effectively. The job could be boring or difficult but people who are self motivated naturally work hard and deliver results.

In IT services, people like financial managers and HR managers have particularly important jobs. They have to do their jobs properly and on time. A HR manager has to see to it that employees get paid properly and if he doesn’t do his job properly, the work place wouldn’t function. Employees will not be satisfied and it will result in poor work morale or worse, resignations. Personal Leadership Every workplace needs a leader to take charge and guide other employees. A person with leadership qualities is a good man manager and a good motivator.

It will generate a better work rate at work ultimately resulting in more money. Leaders are very Job related Problem solving If employees can find solutions it will save the company time and prevent any delays in relation to customers. Many jobs especially technical jobs have problem solving attributes because companies need efficient answers to problems quickly. Universal Confidence Confidence is an important attribute when employees are dealing with customers. If they don’t come across as confident, customers will not think that the product the employee is selling is good enough.

They can also deal with customers better. Job related Technical knowledge Certain jobs require a very thorough understanding of that field. For example, a lab technician will need a very good knowledge in science. An IT technician should be very able in computing and dealing with it’s problems. Personal Dependable This attribute separates an employee because employers want people to contribute to the company’s growth and longevity. People with high dependability get things done, are never absent and are very punctual. If people aren’t dependable they are a liability that is costing the company money.

Personal Reliability Employees who are reliable are similar to employees who are dependable. They are consistent in their work and will hand in work on time. This attribute is highly regarded because its reliability saves time and money. Universal Working procedures including health and safety Health and safety procedures are important as it contributes to the safety of themselves, other employees and the equipment. Understanding them would result in a far safer environment. In an IT environment, eating and working would be strictly prohibited as food could damage equipment.

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