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The bad side to this method is the response rate is low, it would also take long for a response back from them and the responses can be on the biased side. Email Surveys: Email surveys are basically the same as postal surveys but just are delivered electronically. They are sent to the participant’s inbox as an email. The advantages of this method are that it is cheap compared to other methods; it is also very versatile ; quick. The feedback is very quick back from the respondent. The disadvantages of this method are that the mail could go straight into their junk mails and the questions can not be explained to the respondent.

Face-to-face Surveys: This method is where the participant and the interviewer are face to face. This method is very popular for home interviews. The advantages of this method are that the response is very detailed; visual aids can also be used as you are face to face. The disadvantages this method is that the cost is very high, it is also time consuming. Panels: Panels is where a number of consumers who have agreed to provide data over an extended time. The advantages of this method are that you will gather information constantly and trends can be spotted.

Disadvantages of this method are that it will be expensive and also the results may be biased. Focus Groups: This method is where an interview is conducted with a researcher and a small group of people. The aim of this is to get opinions and find out attitudes from the group. The advantages of this method are that different ideas are going to be shared and Relationships will be built. The disadvantages of this method are that sometimes people can be Shy/reserved participants. Also there could be a dominant character in the group that would have all the say in everything. F)

Businesses use sampling so they can use the collection of data to obtain insight and knowledge into the needs and wants of customers. To collect data from the entire population it would be very costly and time-consuming so therefore business use sampling to get information. There are many different types sampling techniques such as: Cluster sampling: Cluster sampling is a sampling technique where the entire population is divided into groups and a random sample of these groups are selected. The advantage of this is that it is Quick ; easy, does not require complete population information and good for face-to-face surveys.

The disadvantage for this is that it can be expensive. Random sampling: Random sampling is that all members have an equal chance of being in the sample. The advantage of random sampling is that it is cheap; it is simple and works well for small groups. The disadvantage of this sampling is that for larger groups this method is not appropriate and needs a lot of time and money. Quota sampling: Quota sampling is basically people selected into groups who fit into the quota characteristics such as age, income and location.

The advantage of this sampling is that it is quick and an easy way of obtaining a sample. The disadvantage of quota sampling is that there is a risk of bias as it is not random. G) The importance of planning the market research is very important. Organisations will follow a particular planning cycle, this is so they ensure effective research is done they will do the following: Define: The business will first define objectives and also spot the information that is needed. This is important because then the researcher will make sure it finds that specific information.

Otherwise if not defined popularly then the information could be missed or unwanted information will be gathered that would just waste time. Design: The next stage for the business will be to make a research plan. This is where they decide what type of research they are going to use such as primary or secondary research. Next decide the appropriate method they are going to use for the research and last what sampling method to use for the research. Consider: The business then will have to think how to collect the information, what information they are going to take and what information they already own.

Analyse: Next stage is to analyse the data effectively. This is where the business analyse the information from variety of sources and pick out relevant information. Plan: Plan is the last stage, the employee will then show the manager what information they have researched by presenting it to them. This can be done in the use of a PowerPoint presentation. H) The importance of e-commerce in a business is a major factor. Basically the use of e-commerce is to use the internet to sell or purchase of products or service.

Computers are important for research because there is a wide rang of data/information on the web. Mostly it is secondary data that is available on the web. This is an advantage because then the business has more chances of getting resources and information about their specific topic. I) The different ways that market research finding can be presented such as: one that it could be presented in an oral presentation or a written report. These two ways are really important as they can show the business the entire research they have found, another reason why these two ways are used is because it looks professional.

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