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Electronic Communication – The business world and the way it operates have changed greatly in recent year, mainly due to new technology. Today almost all organisations use the following communication methods as a matter of course: Fax, E-mail, Internet and Videoconferencing. The two main types on communication obtained within Simons are Electronic and Oral Communication. With computers and such being the future it is sensible for medium size companies to get involved in it.

Oral communication is important with in Simons due to have construction managers and project managers over looking sits and wanting to talk to suppliers and other External companies connected to Simons. In any business communication and effective communication as that is of great importance. Performance in operations: Having organised, effective and efficient structures, cultures and managers in a business is very important. These set the tone for the whole company and hold the future of profit or loss.

Simons Business culture: The Task Culture which Simons employ is the most effective and efficient for that line of work; Construction. With this culture it has allowances for weather and supplier set backs and also allows flexibility while jobs need completing. Simons Organisational Functions: Simons undertakes and very popular organisational strategy. This strategy is in the use of six sectors of a business: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Research and development, Administration and Production.

Using the method all aspects of running a business are incorporated. In the case of Simons the majority are held under one roof, this gives and added advantage in that if one sector finds a mistake by another it can be quickly corrected. All the departments contained within Simons work together effectively to form an efficient yet passionate work force who are determined to meet and further objectives. Management style of Simons: Simons although having a board of directors also employ departmental managers.

These managers give regular detailed reports to the directors informing them on what his happening and any problems arising which the department manager cannot fix without directorial input. Managers are trained in communication to make them more accessible to their departmental co-workers. This enhances internal communications within the company increasing there effectiveness by getting input from different subject workers. Being more effective makes is quicker and easier to meet objectives due to increased input by all departmental personnel. Simons management style is based upon a Democratic system.

This is defined as a system based on equality of all members of a community. This basically means that employees are encouraged to participate in decision making. The other styles of management are Autocratic where one person makes the decisions, consultative there the management takes the democratic principle and asks workers for their opinions as a matter of course. The dangers of deliberately introduced computer viruses – they can destroy information access can be given to accounts and restricted information. This can be very dangerous for the business. Internal Communication:

In order to establish an effective system of communications at work, it is necessary for management to be quite definite about what people must know. In smaller organisations the communication system is normally a lot different of that of a larger company. Communication types: Downward communication – sent from upper levels of the company down to the lower levels. The management use this method to communicate with sub-coordinators within the company Departmental Communication – this where is certain bit of information is released to certain department tacking into account what information is for which department.

Upward Communication – a system which allows workers to communicate effectively with supervisors and managers. Downward communication used to be the only type of communication obtained within an organisation. This led to an autocratic system of management. This meant that employees were never consulted or asked about the companies policies and plans for the future, thus giving no chance for the employees to express there view on issues and what new strategies could be undertaken.

The upward channel of communication gives all employees a chance to express there feeling on issues and to give there views on what they think of some of the companies policies. This in turn gives the higher ranked employees a wider perspective, and employee input on what should and shouldn’t be undertaken. Formal Communication – is going though established methods and channels, usually in written form. Informal Communication – is an unofficial format used, outside formal channels.

External Communication: A businesses organisation must have a good internal communication channels in place if it is to function efficiently equally as important is the organisations external communication which enables them to strike deals in the outside world. A business organisation exists to provide a good or service, and make profit in order to survive. The methods used in internal communication are in the majority of cases the same as that in external but just the recipient is different. Simons have many stages of quality assurance within its working environment.

Site managers and surveyors are constantly onsite observing the quality of work being done and the speed at which it is being completed. These site managers and surveyors file regular reports on progressing work, these reports and then evaluated to digress whether there are any improvements and adjustments that can be obtained to higher the level of service. This constant evaluation of reports gel together with the constant improvements, constantly upgrading and updating, to greater quality of service that Simons provide.

Simons Environmental assessments onsite: In August 1999, Simons started carrying out Environmental Assessments of projects, this limited construction operations themselves rather then the finished ‘product’. These assessments cover the same issues as the ‘Environment Awareness’ course, and the early assessments doubled as training for the site staff. To date, the assessments have been carried out on over 30 locations, with improvement targets beyond statutory minima being set on many sites with varying degrees of success. Environmental Technology:

In the last twelve months Simons has been determined to build there knowledge on environmental based technology, both in the establishment of an Environmental Reference Library at Lincoln, and the circulation of selected, more widely useful information, on an intranet database that can be accessed by all staff. They have participated in many external activities including the Lincoln Waste Minimisation Club 2000, the ACTIVE workshops on concrete innovation through Oxford Brookes University, and a DETR project on waste in the construction industry through Nottingham Trent University.

They are regular contributors to the Bigreen group, and internet subscription discussion group dealing with the environmental issues on major construction projects, including emerging new technology. Possible improvements ascertainable within the company: Simons has the possibility to branch out into other areas of the market such as the environmental aspects of construction. Advice conferences could be held for other constructional companies to help them help the environment.

Materials use and design of builds are becoming very large in the construction business. Many councils want non-obtrusive but very functional building to be erected. These building effect the visual environment, by a way that they are not immediately noticed due to there design. Simons would benefit from undertaking projects based upon that specification. This would increase the view of Simons Architects into designing more environmentally friendly buildings.

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