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This report [V1]is based on a company called Care4her company which can trade entirely on the internet. Consider its business model and how expansion into business. What will need the model to the modified? Consider competitive treats and opportunities, and which part of the business most benefits from incorporation of eBusiness. What experience have other businesses in the sector had? Also consideration of payment and transaction, security system, running costs, maintenance costs, customer satisfaction, and problem management is also important. Finally, most important – future proofing which can extend accommodate new product, new technology.

The report is to highlight and investigate the major concern of Care4her company when implementation web based B2B/ERP facility. Identify system to be implementing within the company and the reason for its implementation. Also, the cost benefits of the company expected and cost associated with the installation of the system. The implications of implementation new system with respect to the staff within the company need to be discussed. Considering the change where implemented with the best practice and to make suitable recommendations for the future implementations of such system. This report is mainly for business use, so business report is being used. Analysis Care4her company and procedures are followed in order to implement a new system.

This report is based on a company and all the materials are obtained by internet, school library and journals only. Care4her Company is a company that is allocated in Hong Kong. There are 9 retail shops in Hong Kong. Products range are mainly lady’s accessories which including lady bags, watches, scarf, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In 1995 Care4her changed to internet present, which launched web-browse catalogue for customer to browse the company’s information and product’s catalogue via internet. When customer wants to place their order, what he can do is download order form from their web site and sends it to headquarter in Hong Kong, or else he can actually browse the catalogue in the internet and come to the physical retail store (“brick-and-mortar” store).

As internet become common and many companies started to launce online shopping catalogue, so customer can actually place their product via internet. Care4her now realise it is time to transform their business and become more competitive advantage and survive in the industry. In its simplest sense, e-business is the use of Internet technologies to improve and transform key business processes. Most companies understand this and have begun the evolution from traditional business practices to e-business. Many are well on their way. They have begun to Web-enable core processes to strengthen customer service operations, streamline supply chains and reach existing and new customers. The accessibility and broad reach of the Internet have forever changed customers’ expectations regarding support and response. They expect accurate, round-the-clock service. Hence the requirement for a massively scalable, reliable and secure electronic foundation which includes reliable and available servers, industry-leading software and middleware, and worldwide consulting services from experts with industry-specific knowledge. All supported by a scalable and robust infrastructure.

In a few short years, e-business has gone from concept to undeniable reality. For good reason, it works for everyone: consumers, businesses and governments. The primary values of e-business–cost savings, revenue growth, customer satisfaction and use as a tool adding value to business relationships, also differentiate your business. An e-marketplace can also mask transacting parties’ identities, making it possible for a player who fears brand erosion to sell surplus or offgrade material without letting competitors or premium customers know about it in the open market. In all cases, e-marketplaces have the opportunity to provide e-business-enabled information services that improve existing manual processes by offering more detail in a timely, efficient manner while reducing the cost of the transaction. These services can form the initial value propositions that attract members to a new e-marketplace where liquidity has not yet been established.

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