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Sometimes a customer will want to buy an item that has been donated and it has not been assembled yet. If they want to risk it and take it as it is then they can do so (so long as nobody else has reserved it), but please make sure the customer realises that we will not issue a refund for the piece/s of furniture that they wish to buy, if there are pieces missing or if the item is damaged in any way.

However if they wish to buy the item/s of furniture after they have been assembled then put a white sticker with a reference number on the item/s of furniture in a prominent position then write the reference number onto the unassembled items list with the customer’s name, address and telephone number next to the reference number. When the item of furniture has been assembled then we telephone the customer and let them know it has been assembled and ask them if they are still interested in that item.

If they do then ask them when they can come in and view it. All deliveries to areas on our list are free but if a customer would like an item of furniture that is not on the list then they should be made aware that they may have to pay a delivery charge. The charge is 30 for deliveries within a 15 miles radius and 40 for deliveries that are further then that. If a customer has a referral card then the charge will be half that. Areas outside Leicestershire may not be eligible for delivery although we will go to some places in south Nottinghamshire.

Delivery charges are entered into the till as a donation but write on the income sheet delivery charges. Then organise a date of delivery, look at the delivery area list, make sure that the day of delivery is not booked, look at the status of the delivery calendar showing the current month. This will have a red cross or full written on it if that day is fully booked. When the day and date of the delivery is confirmed by customer write the day and date of the delivery on the invoice form and get the customer to sign it.

Make sure that the address is correct and that the customer is aware that if the item of furniture needs taking upstairs then the customer needs to organise someone to help him as we do not take items of furniture upstairs. Tell them the delivery will be between 10. 00 am and 2. 30pm and that we cannot be more precise then this, until the day of delivery. If they would like to phone us on the morning of delivery before 10. 00am and we would be able to more precise.

Make sure that the customer is aware of the admin charges if they are not in to receive their item/s of furniture on the day of delivery. Hand the customer the pink copy of the invoice as proof of payment and a reminder of the day and date delivery. The order form is then put into the tray with corresponding day of delivery on to wait processing. (Make sure the transaction is entered onto the daily income sheet, if the customer has paid by card then put card next to the transaction).

If the customer is going to take the item of furniture with them rather than have it delivered, make a note of the estimated date of collection next to “TBC” on the order form. If there is no estimated date then you can just put a tick next to it. Then put the order form into the tray marked “Collecting” to the left of the front window. Customers can take the bottom copy of the order form away with them, but do not get them to sign the top copy until they come back to collect the furniture.

When the customer actually takes the item of furniture away with them, write the date that they collect it next to “collected” on the order form and get them to sign it. Then put the form in the “Collected” tray by the deliveries computer to be put onto the database. When you answer the telephone and are offered a piece or pieces of furniture, first of all ask them where they live as we only collect from areas on the area list however we may make an exception if the item is something that is really needed for an example an electric cooker, then ask a member of staff if it is possible to make an exception.

Codes of practice Always be polite and courteous to members of staff, fellow volunteers and customers  Always be aware of the need for confidentiality in your work and involving the data protection act 1998.  For instance data must be held for one or more specified purposes, and not processed for any other reasons. Any data collected should be adequate, relevant to the job at hand and not excessive. 20) Why it is important to continuously improve your work.

If you would like to move forward and be promoted or move sideways to get a better job or one you feel much happier doing. You need to look at it from a different viewpoint i. e. from the perspective of an employer. We all have strengths and weaknesses the important thing is to be aware of them and to improve our weakness and build upon our strengths. So you are better able to improve your career, and to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that might arise. 21) Why it is important to encourage and accept feedback from others.

Because everyone likes to know that they are appreciated and told that they are doing a good job, especially if they have been working hard, otherwise you could think why I should be working this hard if my work and effort is not appreciated and just gives up. You need to be able to trust fellow members of staff and they need to be able to trust you. You would never think of stealing from a fellow member of staff, but you do need to be honest if you do something wrong that affects them then you need to tell them.

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