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Effective communication is vital for every organisation such as United Confectionary Ltd. It starts with the selection, recruitment and employment of qualified, skilled and experienced people. This guidance sheet for the new staff handbook should direct you through the recruitment and retention process. The first step of the recruitment process is to identify a job role. A vacancy may occur as more jobs are created as the business expands or restructures, also the retirement or dismissal of an employee can create a vacancy.

The promotion of the jobholder can lead to a vacant job role or the jobholder could of left for alternative employee elsewhere. Once the business has notification of a vacancy, the next step is to create a job description. The job description is drawn up by the jobholder and has to include the job title and location, the main purpose of the job, a detailed list of the main tasks involved and the standards that are required by the company, the amount of pay and other benefits and lastly the person to whom the jobholder reports to.

Using all the features needed I have made an example job description for United Confectionary Ltd who need to employ a sales team to be led by a sales director. To begin the job title would be sales director, the location of job is London and the department is sales . The main purpose of the job is make sure the sales team use the website created to help United Confectionary Ltd to maintain there position as the forefront of the confectionary market. The main tasks involved is to keep the website up and running without problems and to deal with sales directly from retailers and also making sure the sales team are doing their job correctly.

The pay would i?? 35,000 and benefits such as a company car. The person to who the sales director would need to report to would be the manager. In the job description you will also need to include a person specification. A person specification details the quality of an model candidate, which includes their health, qualifications, general intelligence, special skills, interests, personal qualities and personal circumstances. The person specification is usually written in smaller font under the job description, using all the appropriate details I have made an example person specification for the job description above.

To start you need to have details of health, such as not being allergic to such things as chocolate. You would need to have minimum qualifications such as GCSEs in Maths, English and I, a-level is business and a minimum degree of 2. 1 in Sales Marketing. Specials skills and general intelligence would be to have the ability to use the Internet comfortably and to create spreadsheets and databases. Work related experience would need to be included such as a year working an in general office environment. Interests would include hobbies for instance painting and cooking.

Personal qualities would be to have the ability to work in team, having good organisational skills, able to prioritise workloads and good communication skills. The next step is to advertise the vacancy. There are traditional ways of advertising and more modern ways mainly Internet based methods as I will explain. The traditional ways of advertising a vacancy is in the local newspaper, the local shops in their windows, posters, career fairs and word of mouth. The more modern Internet based ways of advertising are advertising on your own website, on job websites or by web advertisement.

After adverting the vacancy to reduce time and costs in advertising it may be more suitable to find an appropriate candidate internally. The advantages of finding candidates could increase motivation to work, opportunities for promotion will attract better staff to join the business, internal candidates are familiar with organisation and know most of the training and relevant information about the business. Also the candidates are known to the business meaning other workers have a existing working relationship with them.

However there are disadvantages to finding candidates internally such as promotion may bring conflict, which could result, to workers leaving and an unhealthy work relationship. This also creates another vacancy that needs to be filled and also promoted employees may be expected to pick up a job without adequate time or training. You could also find candidates externally through schools, colleges and universities, job centres, employment agencies, recruitment consultants, advertisements in newspapers and professional journals.

The advantage of finding candidates externally is that you have a wider range of applicants, there may be more suitable applicants and candidates may contribute new ideas to the organisation. Disadvantages of finding candidates externally is that is more expensive, new employees may need training and time to create a good working relationship with the employer and also external candidates are more aware of the job market. The next step is short listing.

When applications have been received such as paper based curriculum vitae, application forms and online curriculum vitae and application forms. The most suitable candidates for the next stage must be identified. Candidates are short listed if they meet agreed criteria’s such as qualifications and experience, which is in the person specification. An impressive job application may help a candidate to get on the shortlist. Once a short-listed has been created the references are checked to confirm the list. The next step is to interview the candidates on the short list.

When interviewing applicants you need to look at employability skills such as suitable qualifications, experience, knowledge of your products, being able to meet targets and the ability to observe a raise standards. Staff are an important part of every business. Keeping staff is very important for a business. This is known as staff retention. Retention is keeping employees at the workplace for as long as possible to benefit from their experience. Also if an employee joins the business and then decides to leave quickly the business has to go through the recruitment process again which costs time and money.

They try to avoid this as it costs lots of money and also staff can begin feeling fed up and unhappy as they may have to do extra work until a new employee is recruited which could take time. Business have a measurement to work out how long staff are staying within the business and are able to work out targets to maintain a trend. The key measurement used is known as staff turnover where the number of staff leaving is worked out as a percentage of all employed staff of that year. This is how the percentage is worked out:

Number of staff leaving in a year Average number of staff employed in that year This helps the business to monitor trends to see how many employees are leaving and to see if there is a problem with their human resources and what could be done to improve it. Tom improve staff retention rates the business can offer pay rises, praise to the employees, promotions, bonuses, discounts to their products and services, more holiday allowance and giving workers to chance to earn more money by offering overtime.

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