Education In the USA

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People’s lifestyle is shaped due to their education because education changes their worldview. There are many unknown situations around the world and people want to discover them because of the curiosity, which comes from their genesis. Due to grow of the amount of educated people, there should be something to be separated from the other ones so importance of education system is increasing day by day.

Nearly every country has their own education system; however, most of them use the similar ones with small differences. The right education system prepares people to the life completely and develops them more than the other ones like the USA’s. In the USA, students choose their graduate programs according to their skills and increase their individuality with social activities. Firstly, In the USA, students do not need to follow only one way to get into the university.

For example; In undergraduate years before choosing graduate program, students start an undergraduate program after the high school and study there for two years with general lessons like English Language, Literature, History; Foreign, Languages, Science and Mathematics. After these two years they should take a certain number of courses to study two more years and when they finish it they can become ‘bachelor’s degree’. That one is really good point to chose education in the USA because doing something with knowing what to do, make people more successful and more educated.

In addition, they do not spend waste of time on a work, which they do not want to do. Secondly, social life of a student is really important for accepting by a university in the USA. In this country, students refer to the universities which they want to study and gave them some information about their past to be accepted. For example, if students play in a sport team or prepare some projects these would increase their change to be accepted by the university and also these activities could bring in them scholarship.

Education does not mean lessons only; to have a social life and develop individuality is a part of it. In the developing world, while looking for a work everybody is searching for those kinds of social activities from worker’s past life. In conclusion, education is very important; however, it can only be useful in a right system and the USA’s education has many criterions to be ready the life after the university, because it develops student’s both social and academic skills. The USA would be the right choose for taking education and be ready for future.

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