Easy Guide to Beginners Triathlon

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If you want to become a triathlon athlete make sure you gather a lot a information. But don’t get overloaded with information. Here are few basic principles which you should follow for a quick success. If these principles are followed, you will surely get a rewarding experience in triathlon.

1 Set a goal
2 Reality check
3 Don’t over train
4 Be consistent
5 Have fun
6 Embrace your new found confidence

The people who are not familiar with the world triathlon sport will face difficulty to adjust themselves. It has so much to be learnt, so much to do but do not allow yourself to stop from this wonderful way of life in triathlon.According to the historians triathlon was started in 1920s-1930s which was earlier known by different names such as “La course des Touche a Tout”, “Les trois sports” and “La Course des Debrouillards”. Nowadays triathlon is held almost every year in Joinville-le-Pont in Poissy and Meulan in France. There was a tri sport event held in 1902 which consisted f running, cycling and canoeing.

There were many tri sport events which were held between 1920 to 1960. There are a number of articles published in the newspaper for various races held 1921 in Marseille. There was a article published about “Les Trois Sports” known as the three sports held at La Rochelle which included a channel crossing of 200 m, a bike competition of 10 km around the harbour and a run of 1200 m in the stadium of Andre-Barbeau. In long races, the transition areas are very longer may up to a kilometer long and consists of 2000 bicycles. The large majority of traithletes is of amateur so they are categorized further according to their age and sex. One main reason for the popularity of such a complex sport and time intensive sport is the opportunity which the racers get to compete with the racers of their same age and sex. The age groups in this game are defined in big intervals such as five to ten years. In most of the marathons there is lower age limit.

The transitional areas are positioned as between the swim and run which is known as T1 and between bike and run known as T2. There is just one checkpoint that too only in shorter courses. These checkpoints are used to store the bicycles or any other essential accessories used for preparing and gearing for the next stage in the race. The transition time is included in the overall time of the race. The time taken for removing wetsuit, putting on shoes or putting on helmet is included in the overall time. When the racers go for registration they are provided with a cap, race number and if the race is electronically timed then a time band. When there are major events held like Iron man the triathletes are suppose to set up there bikes in the transition area under guard the day before the race. But for shorter distances the racers arrive the ground an hour before the race.

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