E-commerce Components

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NTT DoCoMo start trial on one of the most important factor that might determines a faster growth of e-commerce – the online payments service. People normally see online purchasing an insecure method. NTT DoCoMo however, enables its customers using its 2G and 3G handsets to enjoy on-line shopping at a dedicated portal site and receive bills for purchases together with their monthly mobile phone invoices. NTT DoCoMo expects the new payment service, available to over 38 million i-mode users, to help stimulate mobile e-commerce growth. Without another important component of e-commerce, EDI, NTT DoCoMo is not able to transfer business documents within its business partners.

E-commerce web site such as Yahoo!.com requires advertising support. The web site itself does not generate revenue through its users. Rather, they put banner ads, pop-ups, and customized ads for companies to achieve its advertising purpose.

Networked Computing Definition of Networked computing is – connects several computers and other electronic devices via telecommunication networks (Lecture Notes Week 1 Chapter 1) Roles in Business Environment Networked computing plays an important role in business environment. Network technology enables users to reach other users and access databases anywhere in the organization. It provides interactions between internal as well as external users of the network. Users in the same network is now able to share information on the real time. It helps providing the e-commerce service to customers because if computers are not networked together, it is impossible to make business becomes e-commerce.

Components of Network Computing

The components of network computing are the hardware, software, service providers, internet, intranet, and extranet. Without computer hardware for input and output, users can not eve read and use computers as a tool. The software requirement for network computing is standards these days. Almost all operating systems include network sharing and configurations. Hence, those are the basic necessity not to just network computing, but to use computer as a tool in business. The Internet, however, is a global network of computer networks that links the computing resources of business, government, and educational institutions using a common computer communication protocol, TCP/IP. Companies may pay the service provider to set up an official protocol for both internal and external users to access its resources online.

Network Infrastructures NTT DoCoMo adopt to achieve its Information Systems and Technology Goals Infrastructure is the basic requirement to make the computer system work. There are four major infrastructures of network computing – the Internet, the Web, the intranet and the extranet. NTT DoCoMo adopt the intranet which confined to an organization for its internal use. Also, they adopt extranet which allows secure communication among business partners over the Internet through its i-mode mobile service and offer the users opportunities to do e-commerce through its network. By providing i-mode service, users are now able to get access from remote location with security. This is how NTT DoCoMo maximize the profit through its network infrastructure.

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