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E-books open up all kinds of new opportunities, especially in the areas of education, entertainment, and business. Schools around the country take advantage of E-books and other online materials. In most cases, the price to access the electronic material is much lower than buying an actual hard copy of the book. I have personally seen this model used in my courses at Penn State. Many of my classes require reading assignments that are in an electronic format.

E-books have also revolutionized the entertainment industry. With new technology, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad, electronic books have become popular and mainstream. These devices allow the user to store E-books and read them on one single device. Now people have access to hundreds of books at their fingertips. The business world is also impacted by E-books. The publishing process is much easier when dealing with electronic books than it is when working with physical books. In fact, E-books are usually self-published, cutting out the publishing company completely.

Today, electronic publishing, or e-Publishing is growing like wildfire. It is defined as the digital publication of e-books and other reads like short stories or collections via the internet. Files may be viewed online, loaded onto CDs and electronic readers, or even emailed directly to your computer.

• Advantages

Low Production Cost

E-books are much less expensive to produce than traditional books. The creator of the electronic book does not need a publisher, an agent, a printing machine, or a distributer. (1st Internet Marketing Solution) Being able to cut out all of the things needed to publish a regular book saves a great amount of money. The only things needed are a good idea, the ability to write, and the needed software. (1st Internet Marketing Solution)

Ease of Modification

Just like other electronic files and documents, E-books are simple to edit and update. Unlike traditional books that need to be reprinted when they are modified, electronic books only require that you go back into the original and make the needed changes, and redistribute. This makes publishing new copies simple. (1st Internet Marketing Solution)

Ease of Distribution

After a traditional book is published, it is typically sold in bookstores, online, and from other vendors. In other words, the distribution process is complex, mainly because the publisher has to physically mail copies of the book to the vendors who sell it. With E-books, they can simply be distributed over the internet. Potential consumers don’t need to make a trip to the bookstore or wait for a week for their book to be delivered after an online purchase. They can have the book in a matter of seconds. (1st Internet Marketing Solution)

1) From a financial standpoint, it is often a great option. Because there are fewer overheads for the publisher, as in printing and distribution costs, the writer can often make out better with royalties – sometimes making as much as 70%. Also, due to lower overheads, a publisher will many times be more willing to take a risk on an unpublished author or even a book or character idea that might be a little dicey.

The actual time it takes for a book to get published is much faster than in traditional publication. Where going the “old-fashioned” way might take up to two years, e-publishing can be as quick as three weeks to only a few months after acceptance.

2) Storage

Storage in itself is a great advantage to this form of publishing. Unlimited space on the internet makes it easy for everyone to maintain files. Plus, since most e-publications are sent via PDF files, or compatible word processing docs, it’s even quick and easy to go in and make changes to a publication. Traditional publishers are often unwilling to make changes to a manuscript because it involves so much extra work.

3) Rights

Where paper publishers usually try to obtain as many rights as possible, the e-Publisher usually retains none. That means the writer keeps the rights to his work and even has the option to take it to a paper publisher at a later date.

It’s a great way for a new writer to build a platform or create a following before going to paper.

4) Reach

e-Published docs can be sent all over the world in a matter of seconds. This is a huge advantage to both the writer and to the reader who does not like to wait.

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