Driving Unsafely

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People enjoy driving cars for many reasons. Some people drive just for fun to go from one place to another place, go to school, go to work, or visit a friend. Driving is more than just a license. It is art and morality. A driver should be a good example first for his family then to his friends. A smart person who think twice what he will get from his unsafely driving as a result. Driving unsafely has many negative effects as loss of life, damage the car, and it can cause destruction of public property.

Driving safely is very important to save ours and others’ life. There are many tips can help to drive safely and safe your and other’s life. Firstly, keep things that distract you from concentrating on driving safely. For example, answer unnecessary phone call, text while driving, children’s noise or fight, and drink or eat while driving. Secondly, avoid driving when you’re tired. There are some medications can cause drowsiness and the difficulty of seeing.

Third, using the signals to change lanes from one to another. Damaging your car is another disadvantage of driving unsafely. Driving unsafely can cause accidents that might damage the car or its parts, which will affect the performance of your car on the long term. Moreover, losing a lot of money fixing the car after that accident of you are unable to buy a new one. Sometimes, we hear that public properties has been affected by car accidents. For example, cutting a tree, damage a store, or break a traffic signal.

Damaging public properties will result in a charge fee, legal trail, or physical damage to yourself or to others. Benefits of driving safely worth to everyone to drive safely. First, you are less likely to die, as well as the gas that you save by driving the speed limit. Secondly, safe driving can help prevent accidents, air pollution, and increasing the car’s insurance. The benefits of driving safely are more than its risks. Being a good driver is much more than just staying out of accidents. Drive smart, drive safe, and save a ton of money.

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