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In the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs, the author tells reader that many innocent children flee their homes in Afghanistan and also the harsh afghan winter is approaching so “we” have to do something. The author uses “we”, so it could be reader and the author, so it tells reader that we are the only people which can help afghan children. So cleverly target the emotions of the reader. And in next paragraph it tells the reader that by donating �15, Save the Children could supply essential materials to Afghan children and it also ensures the reader about how they going to supply these materials to those people who need them, so satisfying the reader about what their money will worth for.

In the last paragraph, which is bold and have a bigger font tells the reader that by donating �15; they could save even more lives. In this paragraph, they again hint that �15 is not all the money they need and the reader can donate even more money. The author had cleverly chosen the donating money which neither looks much nor looks a smaller amount. Because �20 could be look like a bigger amount to the reader and �10 could be smaller so author had chosen a middle value.

Ways to donate money: The author has given three ways for reader who wants to donate money. The first way which has the biggest font of the whole advert is ‘credit card hotline no’, this is the fastest way to donate money and also by using this method you can’t withdraw your money once you have donated. This is their best way to donate money. The second method they have given is by donating online, which is not their preferred method because you can stop them by getting money out of your account once you have donated online.

The third method is by cheque which they don’t like really, because when if some reader is firstly inspired by them and donated money by cheque but after that he changed his mind, he could stop the cheque even before the last seconds when they going to clear it. So that’s why this method is in end of the other methods. Also there are choices for the person who wants to donate, so it could be reliable for him.

Logo and name of Charity: They have given their charity no, name of charity and well known logo which is established charity logo. Their reason for this to make the charity advert looks genuine. So people who want to donate, don’t afraid of fraud and also people who donate money, they could remember the charity, and so donate next time. Conclusion: In conclusions, I must say that however this advert is for good purpose but in making of this advert, many market techniques are used which in turn tell that it could be a fraud. Throughout the advert, the author had cleverly summarized and carefully chosen words and advert is build up so much by author that it could be a challenge to the world of media.

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