Does god exist

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After studying God’s existence and the reasons why people think that god does or doesn’t exist I have come to the conclusion that I am unsure about his existence. I feel there are some reasons that justify god’s existence and other things that don’t. I therefore class myself as an agnostic. There are several reasons why I believe that God exists. One idea I have is that because there is so much in the world that is bad I believe there must be something to balance this that is completely good. I believe that God is this.

I also think that is each and very person is unique then everyone’s life must have a meaning or a purpose and it is God who had given us this. There are many things in life that no matter how hard we try we can not explain. If God exists he provides an answer and explanation to all of these mysteries. This also links in with the idea that life is so complex and diverse many people including myself find it hard to get our heads around the fact the world and everything in is the result of an accident or freak of nature.

The fact that the Big Bang just occurred and everything formed is quite a difficult idea to comprehend. Some theories that I feel back up my ideas are Thomas Aquinas’ cosmological argument. He states that something can not come from nothing. His argument also says that every effect must have a cause. This makes sense to me and I feel it is a good point. William Palley also came up with a clever idea that if you came across a watch in the street, having never seen one you would assume that someone had put it together as all of its workings were very complex and it couldn’t have come together by chance.

William then likened this idea to our earth saying it is extremely diverse with many dimensions. Even something tiny like our eye is very complicated. Everything around us has been perfectly created for its job and wildlife is a good example of this. If you look at it in this way it seems extremely logical to suppose someone designed the world and all that is in it. Although there are many thoughts and ideas that I agree with about the existence of God there are times when I feel God can not possibly exist.

A key point that relates to god possibly not existing is suffering. In the world today there is lots of suffering through illnesses like cancer. Suffering also exists through starvation, poverty, war, mental and physical handicaps and many other things. Bad natural disasters like volcanoes, floods and tornadoes all occur regularly round the world on a daily basis. If there was a God who is as amazing as theists say I do not think he would allow such suffering of our human race.

He should look after the human race and not let some suffer while others don’t. It also seems strange that if there is a God why does he allow kind, good people to suffer misfortune or tragedy while some bad people do very well for themselves in their lives. Furthermore if there is a God why would he create things like poisonous snakes and freak weather conditions that just cause harm to people. Another idea is that no one has ever seen God so how can we be sure of his existence.

My final reason for why God may not exist is because the word is very complex and creating it and everything in it in under a week seems like an impossible feat for anyone to achieve. In conclusion I consider myself an agonistic because I think that after considering all the ideas I think God may exist but I am not completely sure. I also feel sometimes God exists but at other times something happens in the world that I feel proves me wrong so then I become unsure again.

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