Documentation for the systems Administrator

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The system is a Database designed on Microsoft Access. A Database is a collection of information that’s related to a particular subject or purpose, such as tracking customer orders or storing Employee’s details. The system that the Administrator is going to administrate is The Somerfield Employee Database. The Database is designed to store Somerfield Store Employee’s contact details, there work status and where they work in the Store; what Department. The procedure for installation For the Database to run on any computer Microsoft Access has to be installed. For information and help on Buying Microsoft products please go to wwww.

microsoft. com. The Database will be stored onto a 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disk. To install the Database onto the Computer please follow the following steps: 1. Place the Floppy Disk into the Floppy Disk drive. 2. To access the Disk you must go to Start/My Computer/3 1/2 Floppy (A:) Then after that is done, you should go to the Directory in which you want the database to be stored and right click, then left click on paste. The Database will then be copied from the Disk to the directory that you wish it to be stored. Installation complete, now to access the Database simply double click on the icon where you installed the Database to access it.

The Running of the System Once the system is accessed, a password is needed to run it, (password displayed on back of user documentation), after the password is entered the switchboard of the Database will automatically appear this gives quick access to all the forms, and reports which I have recommended: Security The system is password protected, and when the administrator runs the system, the following appear, requesting for a password to proceed: This will make the system secure from unauthorized users. Furthermore, the system will be secure enough to not allow a user to export/copy data from within the system.

In addition, changes to the systems layout or design will be protected and will only be able to be modified by the administrator. For the Administrator to change the Password he must open the Database in exclusive mode: Back up policy As explained before in the ‘Facilities’ section, I will be using a CD-Re-Writer, as this will allow the systems administrator to make regular back-ups. Theses regular back-ups should be done monthly, weekly, or even daily. These back-up files should be kept secure and ideally in locked fireproof rooms in a different location to the microcomputer.

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