Diversity Makes a Difference

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Diversity is a very broad topic whose meaning changes from person to person. Diversity in school is incorporation of a variety of people in age, sex, race, background, social class, economics and moral or religious beliefs. Diversity in the college world is not greatly represented in the classroom, population, and faculty or in the curriculum. Due to social class standards and barrier place on families making it hard for them to be equally represented in the college arena.

Also there are not enough if any diversity clubs, organizations, classes and events to promote , bring awareness to and make diversity as meaning full the degrees each diverse student will receive. The ways to solve this problem are to send a questionnaire or survey to all of the applicant to help the admission officers make the population diverse. As far as the classroom beyond the admission process you can incorporate a semester long class mandatory for all students randomly chosen but based on diversity.

At the end of the semester the class has a multi cultural day to promote all the things they have learned in the class. Diversity in the college world has changed and evolved over the years. In the past college admission and acceptance was your average wealthy student with a good family and working parents as well as those few minority students who wanted a better life than their parents, grandparents and or other family members.

The other scenario of a college bound student was the star athlete in high school receives a scholarship in athletics to improve their star quality skills. Modern day college classes were made of only a small number of lower class and athletic students but a large number of upper class wealthy students. The twenty first century college make up is a bit different now. There are almost as many lower and middle class students as there are upper class students and about half lower/middle class are foreign students, now more than ever foreigners want to go to college.

Foreigners make up about one third of the college population. Foreigners go to college to get the best education that they believe the United States has to offer them. Meanwhile lower and middle class student go to college to essentially be better than their parents and or the rest of their family , but they also are in college to get an education so they can obtain a nice job and for some an actual career at some place other than McDonalds/Taco Bell or being a janitor.

If you want to be a nurse you need at least an associate degree and if you want to be a Paraprofessional (teacher’s aid) you need a degree. So if you do not want a job in retail or food service you need a degree to do almost anything else (even the not so high paying jobs). The college population is a bit more diverse today than in the past but, in order to really be diverse the universities have a way to go because each college appears to have a target market and the same type people are mostly getting accepted and attending the same colleges.

Colleges need to be more diverse in their enrollment as well as their staff. The faculty needs to be diverse as well. There are many ways to improve this situation and improve the diversity of the college world in many aspects. One solution would be to survey all the faculty and current students so that you know the diversity of the present population and you will know what you need to incorporate in the population at admission time.

Another solution after you survey the current population, send a questionnaire to the applicant to see what their diversities so you will know what each person has to offer to the diversity of the college. Beyond the admission process the students are in college and there are things the college can do. After diversity has been shown in the admission process then diversity should be in the classroom. A diversity group or class should be mandatory for all students. The class is given every semester with a different group of students and it is student led but facilitated but a teacher.

The students would meet every other week to learn something new in the curriculum or from each other about their culture background, social class and other things that make them diverse. At the end of the semester (no matter what season it is) they would host a Multi-cultural day. This day all classes would be canceled but, it mandatory for all faculty and student to attend. The purpose is to first show what the groups has learned about diversity then to bring awareness to other as well as promote the meaningfulness of diversity in college and essentially the world.

I will evaluate this plan buy having a mini-homework assignment given at the end of the day worth a few point no more than 7% of the student’s grade and they would turn it in to their academic advisor for evaluation and grading. The faculty would just have a meeting and they would have to write an essay 1-2 pages about Multicultural day, what they learned and what was missing. Answering a few questions and withy all the response and opinions this will show how successful the purpose was which it will be.

This plan is the best plan because it is a plan incorporates the ideas of students and when students are involved in the process of something they have to learn and then teach it helps them to reach their peer and also to learn it better as well as become more passionately about the subject matter or topic. The admission process should show diversity to help broaden the mindset of people before they get in the real world completely and they become clueless about the life of an Asian because they have never had an Asian friend or classmate.

Essentially the diversity should be in the population to show that the college is not targeting or bias to only a particular group but the college should show that they feel equally accepting of all aspects of human diversity. Campus wide participation in diversity awareness helps serve the purpose of diversity awareness, and show that difference can be celebrated and respected by all students and faculty. (Carlow University)

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