Diversity and Change Management

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1) Given Pitney Bowes grown and globalization strategies. The forces against maintaining an organizational culture that supports diversity as a business imperative would be the economy and the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy. The forces that would be for their strategies would be the great workplace benefits and the open communication that they have with their CEO, there are certain employees that get recognized for demonstrating excellence in diversity. Also they constantly evaluate diversity management in their company and recruit from a variety of sources that would help them maintain a diverse workforce.

2) Pitney Bowes has aligned diversity goals with a market-driven approach to meeting customer needs by having being inclusive to women and having them do sales because they were out performing the males in that area. Pitney Bowes considers human capital as added value to the corporation in achieving profits, innovation, productivity and long-term growth, Because being inclusive offers an organization a wider selection of talented people, it is a key element in the implementation of a business strategy based on the human capital approach.

3) At Pitney Bowes, diversity in addition to being an ethical imperative is a business imperative and diversity creates competitive advantages only by if an organization capitalizes on the variety of perspectives and viewpoints of its employees in a supportive and cooperative culture.

4) I would have to say Pitney Bowes fits into the Access and Legitimacy and discrimination and fairness because Pitney Bowes gives and gave access to people who normally wouldn’t have been given a chance to work. Pitney Bowes thought process was that those workers would work harder because they were given that chance. Obviously they fit into discrimination and Fairness because they hire a diverse workforce and diversity is built into their mission statement. It runs through the company’s veins. I don’t know which of the eight pre-conditions fit and apply to Pitney Bowes.

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