Distribution of products

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Supply chain integration will present advantages on all the elements of logistic operations. Advantages in logistic operations will be obtained if parties involved in the production and distribution of products is properly tied up by the enterprise. A properly handled pipeline will lead to increase demand for high quality transport and add-on services. A slight advantage can be seen in other elements due to information passing between parties involved in the pipeline.

E-commerce strategy

E-commerce strategy speeds up the transactions between businesses and customers. Using web technology, e-commerce has the total advantage in frequency of shipments and speed of delivery. The advantage is due to the easy access of customers and businesses to the web. Web technology reduces order processing time and handles orders at a faster rate. Another advantage is the scope of the distribution of products. In e-commerce, it is easy to reach customers and businesses due to the wide coverage of web technology.

However, quality, together with service and flexibility, maybe sacrificed due to the fragmentation of shipments and freight consolidation between shippers. Quality management policy The strategy aims to assure the quality of the products and services that a business transports. Thus, advantages in quality and services should be outstanding. However, a zero is given to other elements since quality management focuses first on quality and services.

Afterwards, improvements will be made and checked in other elements to improve the total quality of a product or service. Green business strategy Green business strategy focuses on research and development of their products and services towards sustainability and energy conservation. Profits are used in order to improve products and services towards sustainability. Thus, no advantage can be seen in other elements of logistic transportation. Other elements are not that important in green business strategy.

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