Discussing ID cards

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ID card’s are a debate that the government should or shouldn’t make it the law for people to carry them. Identification cards have many points for and against them. In this essay I will be debating this and giving a conclusion on this multi billon pound project to give (or not) everyone ID card’s. In this next paragraph I will be starting the basic argument and giving the main points for and against.One of the many facts for ID cards is the grate help for the police, ambulance and fire brigade. But alternatively one major point against them is simply the money they will cost therefore the debate is on.

I can see how people can see it as an infringement on civil rights, Also because there are so many other ways that the government is setting up to limit people’s rights -(although it dose protect and help the national serves)- us up to and including setting up an apparatus for spying on what books we check out of the library and buy at the bookstore. But I suppose a tersest could get a book on how to make a bomb. I hate to tell the government, but anyone who wouldn’t want a record of such a purchase or borrowing from the library probably wouldn’t have any hesitation to steal the thing, anyway.

Same with ID cards; anyone who was inclined to do anything illegal – terrorism-related or just larcenous – wouldn’t provide correct information anyway, or would just get a fake card. But if they put chips in them then it will be a dam lot harder. Despite the government’s protests to the contrary, it’s common knowledge that anything is counterfeitable. So, who gets put up with all the inconvenience of getting these cards, giving up personal information? (Which the government has on anyone who has a social security card or driver’s licence anyway) but on the other hand also saves lives.

I have reached the two countries with an ID system. It really is no big deal (apart from the mass amount of money) and has lots of benefits for the system. For example, in my present research – Hong Kong – the ID system is the most effective way of catching illegal immigrants (if they have the right information). The police randomly ask to see ID (which can be very personal) and radio in the number etc. By doing so they catch are to able to control illegal immigrants. This system could greatly reduce a number of problems in the UK. However once again, political over correctness hinders progress.

Also if you want to go away, you have to take your passport; if you want to drive you need to carry your licence; if you are a student, you carry a card to prove this; there are cards for your NHS number, cards for your National Insurance number. The police and government can already get whatever information they want off us in one form or another- why not simplify it by putting it all in one place? But if you lose this card it its not to good. Where as lots of cards wouldn’t be to bad if you only lost one.

Therefore I conclude that we should have Id cards shrilly to help the national servers and stop terrorism. I came to this conclusion because of the extensive research I did to see if a country that all ready had ID card’s (Hong Kong) was better off (and they where) Minus the money. So my decision is for ID cards.

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