Discuss the role of cognition and thought in learning

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Cognition is basically the processes and internal body structures that are concerned in the obtainment and use of knowledge. These internal structures and processes include sensation, language, attention, learning, perception, thinking, memory, and reasoning INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Sci-Tech Encyclopedia, 2008). In other words, cognition is simply the mental process of perceiving or knowing the things, words, and other information that people encounter everyday. In general, cognition, as well all its associated process, play major in everyday life, particularly in discovering and learning new things.

Its mechanism is an interaction between processes that are knowledge-driven and processes that are sensory in nature; and also between automatic processes and controlled processes INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Sci-Tech Encyclopedia, 2008). The learning process actually begins when one is exposed to a stimulus, which causes the construction of a sensory representation such as an echo, image, or icon. This representation then encodes all the surface characteristics of the stimulus which may include its loudness, shape, location, color, and pitch.

Furthermore, all the encoded characteristics mentioned above are mainly short-lived, which is why they almost immediately go through an analysis stage and object recognition stage where memory and perception comes in INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (Sci-Tech Encyclopedia, 2008). In short, the process above describe conceptual knowledge or how a person conceives what he hears, touch, or sees through communication. These processes in cognition are necessary in the learning process as it allows him or her to classify events and objects around the world.

In addition, the cognitive theory also gives another perspective in the learning process. According to the theory, the solutions to all problems are like algorithms in the mind. These algorithms are not necessarily comprehended or understood but always give solutions or guarantee an answer to problems INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (ScienceDaily. org, 2008). In other words, cognition enables people to learn through hearing, reading, watching, touching, and experiencing and then processing and retaining the information obtained INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (ThinkQuest. org, 2008).

For example, in order for a person to learn how to play a basketball, he or she has to understand its rules and fundamentals by actually playing the game. This way he or she experiences the game, processes the information he or she receives from playing and finally remembers information that he or she will use the next time he or she plays the game. The same is true even in the most basic form of communication. For example, a person cannot truly understand what another person is saying unless he or she processes the words that are coming out of the other person???s mouth.??Related post game of things

Moreover, cognition also enables a people to learn even in complex ways or learn things that are not immediately materially conceivable. It allows people to create and pass on beliefs, norms and values, among others INSERT INTO `cofwp_posts` VALUES (ThinkQuest. org, 2008). In short, cognition also plays a role in human behavior or more specifically, learning new forms of behavior. Furthermore, cognition or cognitive learning is highly different from learning through conditioning. One cannot truly learn by repeatedly exposing himself or herself to a conditioned stimulus, which is the case in learning through conditioning.

For example, a person cannot understand the contents of a book if he or she only repeatedly looks at the pages nor can he or she know the title of the music being played if he or she does not process the sound coming through his or her ears. In other words, cognitive learning helps people learn things efficiently because not all things can be learned through conditioning. There are cases when one has to process and remember the information he or she receives in order for him or her to learn it fully.




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