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As they say “Change is the only constant in this world”. This is true for all aspects of life especially in the field of Information and Communications Technology. Change happens almost every second – from the invention of the smallest gadget to the production of a very large machine to handle vast amount of information. All these are built and invented by scientist to alleviate the burden that manual processing brings and to offer a more convenient way of living to all computer users. The costs of computers are getting cheaper as new inventions come to market.

The costs also of connecting to the internet become cheaper because of the coming of so many competitors. Because of these, many people nowadays grab this very exciting opportunity. Information and Communications Technology has brought a lot of major changes in today’s modern world. One of these is the widely spread use of the Internet, which happens to be biggest network there is. Another is the utilization of telecommunications and teleconferencing which improves communication among individuals in different places all over the globe.

Snail mails are rarely used the days because of e-mails. E-mails are advantageous because in just a second or two the recipient can already receive the mail unlike the traditional one where it takes a week or even a month before it reaches to its destination. To add convenience and pleasure to all computer users, sharing of files over the web has also been so rampant. Files come in different forms – e-books, audio books, movies, songs, installers and the like. All these may be downloaded for free by some websites.

These can also be easily shared through some peer-to-peer sites that allow file sharing and sites that use File Transfer Protocol (FTP). One advantage of sharing and downloading files over the web is the ease that it brings to the users. Because of this, users need not go personally to stores to look or buy something they need. Instead, by simply clicking everything is already available. On the other hand, viruses and Trojans are also shared through this type of technology.

It is easier for viruses to propagate because it just goes when files are downloaded and can immediately be saved itself in the computer, thus, putting all the files in the computer in great danger. Users are no longer considering the issue of copyrights and property protection because all that matters to them is the ease and convenience that file sharing offers. This is one aspect of Information and Communications Technology that large-scale computer companies are giving much attention. This is also to protect their products and software from unauthorized downloads.

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