Different Types of Rally Car Racing

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Rally car racing may be the most accessible form of car racing for amateur drivers, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take great skill. After all, whatever type of auto racing we’re talking about, it’s going to involve a human being entrapped in a multi-ton piece of metal and glass hurdling at high speeds. In fact, rally car racing may be even more dangerous than other types of racing, as the road conditions can be spotty at best, and there are fewer rules in place to ensure driver safety.

But that’s why rally car racing tends to put a greater emphasis on driver skill rather than speed. Drivers in rally racing are only permitted to use cars that are road-legal, although the cars may be specially built or modified for racing purposes. This means that, even with the tweaks, the cars simply can’t go as fast as cars used in other motorsports.

With that in mind, let’s differentiate between the two main types of rally car racing, which have huge distinctions between them.

Stage rallies

First, there are stage rallies. In most areas where rally car racing is popular, stage rallies are the main form of the sport on a professional level. These are the races that involve straightforward races on roads that have been closed off to outside traffic. They have a high level of organization, and governing bodies of the sport impose fairly strict rules about car conditions and legal racing moves.

The exciting thing about stage rallies is that no two courses are the same, so the best drivers have to be skilled at efficiently handling their vehicles in a variety of conditions.

Road rallies

Road rallies are races that take place on public roads that are open to all other traffic. For people who don’t know about the sport, it might be a little frightening to hear that there are road races taking place on public roads, but it’s really not what one might assume. Of course, since these races mainly take place on an amateur level, rules may vary, but participants typically place limits on how fast a car may go.

Road rallies are probably the most accessible form of car racing. If you think you’re a skilled enough driver to participate, try joining your local motor club and keep an ear open to any events that all members may sign up for.

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