Different types of customer service and their needs

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This is a table showing all of the different types of customers and what there needs might be while there are out being customers. Different types of customers Customer needs Parents with young children When parents go out with their young children some of the things they might need are trolleys that their babies can sit in, public toilets with baby changing areas, in a caf� they might need baby food, in some cases they might need a cr�che to put there children in for a little while or some toys to keep them entertain and parking facilities so they have enough room to open there doors to get there children in and out.

Special needs People with special needs might need trained people with them to help look after them to help and easy access because so people might find it hard to get up and down stairs people might need Braille because they are blind. Internal customers ( people who work in the business) Internal customers should be treated the same way as all of the other different types of customers because when they are not working they are just the same as every other different type of customer.

Young people (teenagers) Some of the needs that young people might need are a chill out areas where they can go and relax. They should get discount cards and one of the main things that they need is respect. The business should also provide suitable products for teenagers. The attitude of staff should be the same towards them because it doesn’t matter about their age. Elderly There are quite a lot of needs that elderly people might need some of the main ones are clear signs so they can see where they have to go, rest areas so they do not have to stand up for a long time, escalators so they do not have to use the stairs, easy access in case they are in a wheel chair and they are limited to where they can go and that the whole area is safe for them to move around.

Mothers to be There are few things that mother’s need; they are seats because they get tired easier, toilets because they need to use them more and somewhere they can get food from e.g. cafï. None English speakers The needs of none English speakers are that they might need to deal with currencies, people that speak a variety of languages so if people come in and can not speak English they need to have people there that can speak a variety of languages so they can understand each other.

Disabled (deaf, in a wheel chair, visual problems) There is a wide range of needs that they need. One of the main one is easy access (ramps) because if they are in a wheel chair then they can’t do stairs or if they are blind they cannot see up the stairs so when they go out they do need easy access. They also will need clear signs so they can see where they have to go. Some disabled people do need helpers to look after them so the business might have to provide them. If it was a supper market they wanted to go to they might need personal shoppers because if they are in a wheel chair then they might not be able to reach something.

If groups of people went into a business then they would have to make sure they had enough stock for them and enough facilities. Some business might give them discount. One need would be that there are enough parking spaces and enough staff. Health problems There are three main needs that people with health problems would need these are toilets, pharmacy area and trained first aid people. Culture differences People with different religions and different cultures might need a wide range of products, female areas and female assistants and respect.

Well known people Some of the needs that well known people might need are private places where they can go, security with them and personal shoppers so the well known person doesn’t have to go out in the pubic. Individuals There are a lot of needs that individuals need because you could need any thing. Here are some needs that they might need interest free loans, free parking, clean environment, good customer service, clear/easy to understand signs and a range of products. Businesses Some main needs that a business will need to run there business are extended hours because they might have to run their business while the place they need to go is open, cash and carry so they can buy things in bulk and they need excellent communication between the business.

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