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Compare and contrast a selection of display advertisements for cars or perfume, examining the ways in which the advertisers appeal to different target audiences The producers of advertisements in newspapers and magazines ensure that the image that they are trying to create makes a statement to their target audience. They make certain that the advert is vivid but clear so it will easily stick in the audience’s mind. For the target audience, the car advertisements have a lot of influence over our decision on buying cars.

The producers of the car adverts want us to feel that we as their target audience are missing out on their brand new superb cars. For this essay, I am going to analyse three display car advertisements: Renault Clio from Renault, Corolla from Toyota, and Ford Fiesta from Ford. Display advertisements are large adverts that take up a full page in magazines and newspapers. Their purpose is to attract the attention of their particular target audience in order to advertise their product. Significantly, display adverts attract our attention in many different ways.

The target group is the specific group that advertisements are aiming at. The Renault Clio advert is aiming at young feisty females who want to have fun. The car also looks quite small so it’s perfect for women who want to show off with a petite sports car. The advert was found in a woman’s magazine. Out of all three car adverts I am analysing, the Renault Clio is the only car that aims for the fun feisty females. Although the Renault Clio aims for young woman, the Ford Fiesta aims for those who are bored with their current car and aims to turn them into one of the classy and elegant.

The owner of the car, who seems to be the man in the stylish blue shirt, has brought his car to a very posh and grand club or some kind of studio, where the guests dress elegantly and in a sophisticated manner. This means that the Ford Fiesta is the one that turns a normal young man into a real stylish man. The advert is saying that you can become a real stylish man if you buy this car and when you do you can go to parties, clubs and have more fun. This is why a young bored man is sitting indoors; Ford Fiesta wants to transform these young bored men into real out-going men.

The Renault Clio and the Ford Fiesta advertise cars for those who want to have fun and need to get out more, but some companies advertise their cars for the average family man. The Corolla is aiming for men, between 30-45 years old, because looking at the background; the advert is set in some kind of housing estate, with family houses, so Corolla’s target audience is the average parent, probably the husband. Also because within the advert, the car advert upon the tree asks to “Phone Phil”, which is a male name. Now I will discuss the messages that the illustrations or the photographs are trying to conjure up.

The colours associated with the Renault Clio advert are different shades of dark blue and turquoise. These colours create a calm, neutral yet futuristic effect. This is exactly what the ladies are looking for. It makes females look more masculine. It’s the new fresh colour. The car is aimed more at desirability than practicality. The feeling is cold and the advert makes you think “wow”. The background is slightly blurred and fuzzy and the car is driving at an angle which suggests the speed and swiftness that his car has come into focus into the picture.

It looks like the car is going fast. The colour of the car is silver and it reflects the light. The tinted windows suggest mystery and secrecy to the audience. There is no obvious driver in the car. This could be because the producers of the advert wanted the audience to imagine ourselves inside that car. One can imagine oneself driving that particular car. By contrast, the Corolla advert is set in a totally different way. It is set in a sunny outdoor spot outside some houses. The atmosphere created is sort of usual “today” and normal effect.

There is nothing unusual or bizarre about this advert in the background. It is just car advert on the tree that creates a sense of humour for the audience. It makes the audience think “That’s funny”, so they would have an interest in the advert. It seems like somebody has lost their car and they put a poster up on the tree for everyone to see, like a poster for a missing dog or cat. The person wants everybody to see his car because he is pleased with his car and he is definitely not ashamed to show it off.

While the Renault Clio advert is going for the futuristic and revolutionary setting to make its target audience feel they are in the 30th Century because of the snazzy neutral colours, the Ford Fiesta advert is making the audience feeling desperate, wishing that they had that car in the illustration, where you can go out partying and clubbing with a fabulous stylish car. On the left hand side of the advert is a close up of a young man sitting indoors with a pair of headphones on, that is partly the reason for making the audience feel desperate for his car.

It is a very in-depth shot and the audience can feel his thoughts and feelings by the expressions on his face and the way he is sitting. This man has been chosen to represent boredom, but he is ready to get up and have some fun if only he had this new Ford Fiesta. He has been chosen to represent the thoughts of what most of the target audience is feeling without this car: miserable and low. His eyes are lightly gazing into total blankness, which conjures up dreamy out of this world effect. His clothes blend into the background so he himself does not take all the attention away from the car.

The main colours are black, dark blue, dark green and silver, which create a dark cold mysterious feeling for the audience. The man is lying on his back on a cushion. His arms are softly folded on his chest and his long legs are upon the seat. His posture shows that he’s relaxed, cool and laid-back but because he’s got his arms crossed, he seems bored and a little fed up. He seems to be in deep thought, perhaps he is thinking about his life and he wish he could have more fun instead of being stuck in his house doing nothing.

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