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I have collected two different documents from three different organisations for my assignment. In this assignment, I have to describe, compare and evaluate the documents. The documents, which I have collected, are: The Terms and Conditions and Current accounts information from three different banks, which are, Woolwich, Barclays and Natwest. First of all, I am going to describe the documents in order to see the similarities and differences that they all have in common. The similarities are that all three banks have presented the information in a form of a booklet, which has made it easier to read the contents.

The layouts of the booklets for the terms and conditions are plain in colour. Woolwich and Barclays do not have a logo to represent their companies, in contrast with Natwest, who have a distinctive logo for their company so that whenever we see it, we know it is theirs. They all contain information about where to report when your card is stolen and the agreement, which takes place between the company and their customers or about refunds and claims etc. Terms and conditions (whether of sale or of service) are important because they create certainty between the parties.

They detail the responsibilities of both you and your customer. Your terms and conditions will have to comply with existing legislation including the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended); the Consumer Credit Act 1974, if appropriate, (as amended) and any legislation relating to restrictive trade practices. It is also vital to ensure your terms and conditions actually apply to the contract. This is a common mistake, which is frequently made by those who don’t fully understand the principle of the contract.

To ensure that your Terms ; Conditions apply, they have to be agreed at the time the contract is made. This means that along with an account opening application it will be prudent to send your terms and conditions to the customer, have them signed and returned to you. This will ensure in any subsequent contract your terms and conditions will apply. Simply making reference to terms and conditions at the reverse of an invoice on delivery of the goods when this has not been previously agreed will mean your terms and condition will not apply.

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