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Managers at City Limits have different management styles the company does not have a management style that managers should follow but Scottish and Newcastle plc encourages its employee’s to come up with ideas that will benefit the company and might lead to an increase in sales. Some of the managers have a laid back style this is mainly the managers in the stores who welcome ideas from employees. These managers use a democratic management style; managers make the decisions but consult with the employees before.

This motivates the employees as they feel they are being valued and are part of the decision making that contributes to the success of City Limits. The store manager also use a consultative style of management, this is when the managers at City Limits genuinely consults the staff in decision making process. However the higher the management level the more the managers’ move to an autocratic style of management, this is where managers make all the decisions.

The managers are influenced by a number of factors that lead them to use this style of management; one of these is time as a regional manager can not go to the stores consulting with every employee before making a decision. Culture is “the attitudes, values and beliefs that are shared by the people in City Limits. ” All the employees at City Limits have a common vision. City Limits values its customers, as without them, it would not exist, as they are the main stakeholders. If they feel that they are not getting value for money they will always turn to City Limits competitors, which means there will be a decrease in sales and profits.

The staff at City Limits value its reputation as it is vital to their success. If their reputation is ruined, City Limits will lose customers as no one would want to visit it because of its poor reputation. Also staff are valued which helps to motivate them as they feel they are being part of the team. Since they are motivated they work harder and retain quality which keeps customers happy. City limits believes in being the best and being a market leader. At the moment City Limits is a market leader and as a result it accounts for 75% of the market.

City Limits also believe in having a good time and making people laugh. However, City Limits culture is affected by the management style, economic influences, social influences, environmental influences, ethical and technology influences. COMMUNICATION METHODS AT CITY LIMITS City Limits uses IT for communication between store managers and head office and suppliers. Using the internet to order goods or to send data between offices is cheap and saves money as it is time efficient, at a click of a button data is sent and received with in second.

City Limits has an EPOS till system that is IT operated this till system works out sales for the whole venue. The till system assists the finance department as it works out the stock used in the business so that stock counts can be made. This till system is linked all round the venue and it enables managers to know which department is turning over the most amount of money. The regional managers also have a pager and a mobile device that they use to communicate with the other store managers; this saves them time to travel down the departments to deliver information.

The marketing department also uses leaflets and posters to communicate with its customers; this has been very effective, as the sales have been increasing. In City Limits each department has CB radios to communicate with each other. Each department has a different channel they use to communicate and different codes which when passed out action is take. For example, when managers pass out code 32 this means that there is a problem in the restaurant area and security is needed immediately. This enables them to take action when needed and keep the area in control.

The area is under 24-hour video watch which enables the security department to view what is going on and take action and stop crime before it turns deadly. City Limits has special telephone link with the police and fire department, at the touch of a button it activates an alarm at the police and fire department. This link is only used in emergencies only as it costs a lot of money if the fire and police department are called out on a false alarm. The managers have regular meetings to discuss the performance and progress of City Limits.

These meetings can be at different levels of management depending on what needs to be done. City Limits has a staff notice board where information for staff is on display, this is a very effective and cost efficient way of internal communication as all the staff know were the notice board is located and always check to see what is happening. When customers visit the amusements/ entertainment department and collect tokens they are given of getting a prize or saving the tokens as points on a loyalty card which means that when they reach a certain number of points they can collect a bigger prize.

So in order for this to happen they ask for the customers’ address, e-mail and telephone numbers, which enables City Limits to create a database and send advertising material to its customers. This is one of the ways they communicate directly with the customers. However, it’s also a promotion stunt in a way that customers would want to get many points in order to get a bigger prize which means they send more money at City Limits. QUALITY CONTROL/ASSURANCE SYSTEM AT CITY LIMITS Where customers have a choice quality is vital as the business will have to meet the quality expected by its customers.

If City Limits fails to meet the quality expected by the customers, they can find alternatives to the service and goods it provides. This would lead to City Limits losing its status as a market leader, which leads to a decrease in sales and profits. To avoid this from happening, City Limits has put in place a number of ways to check the quality of goods and services it provides and ensure that they meet the quality both expected by the customers and legislation. Firstly, all the departments are responsible for quality; they make quality their main objective as it is directly linked to profits.

They try and make sure that the goods and services are provided without faults, as they believe that “if every department is committed to producing quality faults can be eliminated. ” Eliminating faults before they happy adds value to the service as customers do face these problems, basically they are always happy and satisfied with the products. All departments at City Limits set minimum standards that they can expect and make sure that they always perform better than these standards. This enables them to maintain high quality.

If one department fails to keep to these standards, action is taken immediately by the managers who identify the problem and solve it. This helps not to affect the reputation of City Limits’ quality products and services. Setting minimum standards means that a stain standard of quality is always met and departments always try and achieve more than this minimum standards this adds value to the service/products customers will always get what they expect. To ensure that quality is maintained the City Limits provides comments box in the different departments.

For example, in the restaurants, where customers can make complaints about the products or service they have received. Also customers can fill in a ‘customer comments card’ which has closed questions asking about the quality of the service received, these are also posted in the comment boxes. Customers do not only give complaints but are asked what suggestion they think will solve the problem. Managers later open these boxes and read the comments and these are plotted on a chart to show which department has the most complaints and what might be causing this to happen. Action is then taken to solve the issues that arise.

When customers comments are actioned upon this means that these problems are less likely to happen again so customers will not have the same problems later on. This adds value to the service/products, customer receive a better service all the time. To ensure that the quality at City Limits is high head office, operations department sends mystery shoppers who come in buy the products and use the services. They also speak to customers and managers to assess their attitudes to the customers. These mystery shoppers then report back to the managers and changes are made to ensure that the highest quality is provided.

The operations department also has strict specifications for food and drinks which are followed making sure that the end products are of a high quality. City Limits has another unique way of making sure that quality standards are kept high, they try and make their own branding. All the goods and services they provide are branded. This works mostly in the restaurant were for example the chef always puts the stake on the left hand side of the plate, potatoes on the right, greens on the side etc. All the ingredients are measured before cooking to make sure that the food always tastes the same and is the same size.

Customers know what to expect when they come in. The finance department makes sure that there is a budget for each department to carry out its operations, this budget is planned and controlled effectively. This meaning that money is available when need for example the sales and marketing department has a specific budget for promotions, promotion informs the customers of which products are on offer at City Limits. The facilities and administration department makes sure that the facilities are always maintained and creates a safe working environment for all the other departments.

Managers from the operations department spot check the receptionists, technicians and cleaning to make sure that everything is done properly according to the specification. They also make sure that a technological support team is always on site to fix any equipment failures; this adds value and keeps customers happy as they feel they are being looked after. The HR department makes sure the quality is maintained by recruiting well-qualified and experienced staff that have good knowledge and understanding in how things are run.

This department also works with others department to identify training needs for the employees and increases training opportunities for the employees thus training means that employees can do the job better and it also motivates them therefore ensuring quality is maintained. Well-motivated staff look after the customers, do what needs to be done according to the specification and make them laugh by doing this they add value to the service and customers are kept happy which increases sales and the reputation of city limits is maintained

The operations department checks the products before they go to the customers for example, as a process of quality control at City Limits the head chef is required to check all food before it goes out of the kitchen to be served to the customers, by checking the food this guarantees a good brand and adds value to the product which keeps customers happy, this attracts customers to spend more money.

The security department makes sure that the premises are safe; by making sure that security is good customers feel safe at all the time on site this also adds value. The operations department offers special deals to customers and the marketing departments advertises, special deals give customers variations, which enable them to spend more time out erg a day at City Limits blowing and them have lunch. This adds value to the products/ services. It costs a lot of money and time for City Limits to maintain the quality of the goods and services.

However, it is worth it in the long term as the benefits outweigh the costs and the results are high levels of motivation and involvement in employees as they are all responsible for quality, leading to better quality standards, low levels of waste and generally higher productivity. Good quality leads to a good reputation, which attracts customers, this increases sales and profits. The marketing department does branding, develops products and make sure that promotion is up to date and effective.

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