Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw is the third book in the series. The book starts with a New Year and Greg talks about how members of his family are coming up with new-year resolutions but aren’t able to stick to them. He then talks about how grown-ups think that you don’t deserve anything that is fun for Christmas and how he is getting lame gifts.

Then, Greg and Rowley had went to the bus stop and found a little piece of paper taped to the street sign saying that the bus route was rezoned and that the kids have to walk to school and Greg talks about how it’s a bad idea to make kids walk to school and then later he talks about how his Dad hates teenagers and how his Dad’s arch-enemy, the baddest teenager, Lenwood Heath was sent to the military academy Spag Union Military Academy.

Later on in the chapter One of Greg’s classmates, Albert Sandy told everyone at lunch about a person who could jump six feet straight up in the air and all he did was dig a three-inches hole and kept jumping out of it for a hundred times and then doubled the size of it and kept jumping, Greg believed him and thought of digging a hole, but Susan won’t let him, so he went over to Rowley’s and told him about it, but Rowley said his parents will ground him if they found the hole, but Greg said they could cover it up with a sheet so they will not find about it until a long time.

The ground was frozen solid and they hardly made a dent, after digging for a few minutes Greg gave the shovel to Rowley and made him do for extra time to make him think he was a heavy contributor. Greg saw a show on TV which was about Time Capsules, so Greg and Rowley came up with that idea, but Rowley wasn’t giving anything away, Greg put in three-bucks, Rowley thought he was making a sacrifice so he also sacrificed some of his gifts into the box. Greg wrote a note saying that he was the one who put the cash in because he thought the money will be worth a lot of money in the future and the person would travel back in time and reward Greg.

Greg got tired of walking to school so he took a ride from his mom but told her to drop him behind the school, because her car had bumper stickers that might embarrass Greg. But Greg forgot his bag and his Mom came and gave it back to him and even called him Sweetie which embarrassed Greg more then he thought, and he was also in the class with Holly Hills, a girl which Greg has been trying to make a good impression on. Greg then talks about how Holly Hills and how other guys are also trying to win her and Greg wanted to get her before some other person gets her. Read about The Schoolboy

In the next chapter, Greg talks about how he is not getting snacks and someone is stealing them, this also caused Greg to sleep in his teacher, Mr. Watson’s class, his father thought that either Greg or Rodrick stole them. Greg talks about how he is broke and how he used them onto something’s that turned out to be scams. Greg’s mom got mid-session report card, Greg got scared and thought when his dad would come home, and he will scold him, so he asked his grandma to come over, then after dinner he went to bingo with her. Greg thought he had won but when the clerk came to check, she said that he messed up and his win was no good.

Gramma asked him not to draw attention to himself, because the regulars don’t like it when a newcomer wins. Greg flunked his science test and slept again in Mr. Watson’s class and as a punishment he had to sit in the front of the class, Greg slept there right away, but at the sixth period another teacher came in and gave Greg a detention. It was Greg’s first day of detention and he sat near one of the bullies named Leon Ricket, and whenever the teacher was in charge, Mr. Ray wasn’t looking, and Leon would hit Greg, but Mr. Ray caught Ricket and told him if he hit Greg again he will get detention again, Greg pretended that Leon had hit him, Ray got angry and told Leon he was given another detention. Greg went to spy in the laundry room to catch the thief.

Greg fell asleep there, just then he heard someone and found it was his dad, Greg got angry with his dad, just then his mother was coming, Greg and Frank took as many snacks as they could carry and ran for it. The Valentine’s Dance was announced so Greg went to his laundry and looked for clothes, he found a okay shirt, even though it had a jam stain on it, he still wore it.

The Dance began at 1 p. m. nd people who didn’t give money had to go to the study hall, the school had chosen classical music, when the dance begun the teacher said that the dance counted for 25% of the kid’s Physical Ed grade, Greg got scared because he is close to flunking Physical Ed, so he came up with simplest possible dancing moves. Greg spotted Holly and her friends and tried to break their group but wasn’t able to, just then Holly went to get a drink, Greg was going to say something to her but then Freggley popped out and Greg fell down and the dance ended. Greg got a Valentine’s Day card, he was expecting it to be from Holly but it was from Rowley instead.

In chapter 3, Greg then talks about how his brother started calling him “Ploopy” every time and his mother just lets him say it. It was Easter and when they were going to church Greg’s pants had chocolate over them, he wasn’t going in, his mom made him wear her sweater like a kilt, during the basket handing was done, Greg put some money in the basket to make Holly think he is generous, but he realized he had put a twenty dollar note. Greg spotted his brother, Manny playing with his toys and called him Ploopy, Manny started to cry and kept crying, and the family couldn’t stop him so they had to go away and everyone was watching them.

Greg’s mother then banned everyone from saying Ploopy after that. Then at school the next day Greg heard Holly is having a sleep-over and Rowley had invited him to join a kid from his karate class who lives in the same neighborhood’s sleep over, Greg agreed thinking he would go and crash Holly’s sleepover. Greg went to Rowley’s friend’s sleepover and there weren’t any kid older than six and Greg was getting bored, so Greg went up to the room and slept there, but the kids came there and had a pillow fight, so he went down and slept and Greg had forgot his sleeping bag upstairs so he had to sleep on the cold floor.

In the fourth chapter, it is April fool’s Day and Greg says how he and some kids played a joke which was to make Chirag Gupta think he lost his hearing, but Chirag reported it to the vice-principal and shut down the joke. Later on in the chapter, Frank, Greg’s dad, took Greg and Rodrick to the theater, the usher was a teenager and he turned out to be Lenwood Heath and he had a crew cut and looked like if he graduated from a Military Academy, Frank seemed impressed with his look and had a conversation with him and made friends with him, then Frank told Greg after the movie was over that he was signing him to Spag Union too on 7th June.

Greg thought of joining Boy Scout so his father won’t take him to Spag Union and he could quit. Greg got signed to Troop 133 which has things like hot-dog roasts and pool parties much of the time, Rowley also signed with Greg and they both were given their uniforms. They went to whittling, but Rowley got a splinter so they complained and then the scoutmaster, Mr. Barrett, told them they could whittle with the soap and they easily passed that. In this, the 5th chapter, Mr. Barrett announced a father-son campout, Frank agreed to go with Greg, but Greg was sick so he had to go because signed up as a driver.

At around 10 PM Frank called and told them he got put in the tent with Woodley brothers as their father couldn’t come, Darren and Marcus were horsing around, just then Darren threw a football at Marcus and it hit him in his stomach and he fell down and wet his pants, Darren laughed, Marcus got angry so he bit Darren and wasn’t letting him go. So Frank had to take Darren to the emergency room. It was Mother’s Day and Frank was angry about the father-son campout and was not looking to do any favors for Greg, so Greg ended up piggy-backing on Manny’s gift. Greg asked Frank if he would go with him for a camping trip.

Frank was okay with it. His Mom was impressed and said Rodrick should also go because it will be a great bonding for them. Greg, Rodrick and Frank went to the campsite; it was raining six inches so they went to a hotel. When it was time to sleep, Frank went to the front-desk to complaint about the heater; Rodrick told Greg that the Hills family is staying a room in front of them, Greg fell for it and Rodrick shoved him out of the door and locked it. Greg was stuck in his underwear, so he went to find his Dad and when he did his dad looked a little angry with him.

At church, Greg’s family got seated two rows ahead of Hills family in hand-shaking movement, Greg shacked his hands with Holly and when they went home he was about to call her, but Rodrick figured he was calling a girl so he took all handset phones and hid them, Greg told Susan, Greg’s mom, and she made Rodrick return them all. Greg went to his parent’s room and when he was dialing Holly’s number his Dad walked in and just then the phone rang and scared his dad, Frank angrily sent Greg to his room. Greg called her number again but, his mother called Greg’s number to see if he was calling anyone, Mrs.

Hills answered the phone, then she and his mother started talking. Holly was going to Roll-A-Round so Greg asked his mother if she can drop Greg there, but Susan said she can drop but somebody else’s parents were going to pick him up so he asked Rowley to come, Greg lost his contact lenses so he had to wear his three-inches wide back-up glasses. At the Roll-A-Round, when the DJ announced Couple Skates, all of Holly’s friends paired up, so Greg went to Holly to ask her, but then she said “Isn’t your name ‘Freggley’? “.

This upset Greg and Greg told her he was Greg Heffley, but by the time her friends came and took her, Greg also lost interest in her and went to the arcade and didn’t move from there. In the final chapter it is the last day of school, Holly signed Greg’s yearbook and said that he is OK and she will keep in touch with him, but she wrote in Rowley’s yearbook that he is cute. It was Greg’s only day of summer holiday and he had to spend it at a “Half-Birthday Party” that also had live-music, Loded Diper wanted to get hired but they turned them down.

Everybody ate lunch and then went to make the baby laugh, Greg was going to eat some cupcakes, and his father stopped him and told him if he could find any way to get him out of it, but Greg was letting him do it because he was going to send him to a military school. But he didn’t wanted to see him acting stupid in front of many people, so he was going home, he spotted Manny fishing around Seth Snella’s presents and he found the one from Heffley’s and Manny found himself another Tingy, a blanket Frank previously took from him, Greg was making him hand it over, but Manny threw it before Greg could take it and it landed on the branch of a tree.

Greg climbed the tree, but he was wearing Rodrick’s trousers and they were too big for him and they went down and he yelled for help and Greg was also wearing his Wonder-Woman Underoos and Mr. Snella taped it all, then Frank rescued Greg and thought he did it to save him. Frank did Greg a favor by not sending him to Spag Union and Greg went to Rowley’s house and grabbed some popsicles and sat on the curb. Just then, a girl called Trista came and introduced herself. Greg thought she was cute and thought of taking her to Rowley’s family’s country club and impresses her, and so ends this installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

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