Development of relationship marketing

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The selected business I have chosen for this assignment is McDonalds. I will be concentrating on how McDonalds develop their relationship marketing with its customers and how the organisation influences people that are involved with such decisions. A stakeholder is defined as any individual or group who have an interest in the business and actually influence the organisation itself and how it operates during its existence. A stakeholder can be anyone who is internal or external of the organisation and influence the business in different ways than others. Stakeholders of McDonalds

Customers: The customers are an integral factor in the running McDonalds, or any other organisation, as they are the ones that are going to invest into the organisation itself. The customers are the ones that will be buying McDonald products so therefore they are the reason behind whether McDonalds make a profit or a loss. However, in order to make any sort of profit, McDonalds have to keep their customers happy. The more customers that McDonalds receive, the more money customers are likely to spend on this organisation therefore; this will lead to more profit.

If McDonald’s customers are unhappy about the organisation, they are unlikely to come back and spend so they will look at other competitors such as Burger King or KFC. Government: The government are labelled as a stakeholder as they influence the laws and regularities of any organisation that is UK based. Laws such as ‘no smoking’ in public areas have to be followed by McDonalds so that customers do not smoke inside the building. Also, as McDonalds recruit many people across the country, the government receive tax from their wages that contribute to their national insurance.

Most working employees at McDonalds have to contribute tax to the government and are taxed according to the amount that they earn. Also, if the government was to increase the national minimum wage, McDonalds will have to offer their employees the minimum wage that the government set. Failing to do so may lead to the organisation receiving a heavy fine or in some extreme cases, may be forced to close the franchise store down. Also the government grant licenses to organisations that wish to develop their capacity to help McDonalds maximise their profits and will receive some of the profit gained through taxes.

Employers: McDonalds provide jobs to the public and create nearly 12,000 jobs across the UK. This helps the unemployment rate which has been rising over the past years to settle down and keep people of the roads. If an employee at McDonalds provides good customer service, this will lead to customers feeling good about the service they receive and how their products were processed. As the employees of McDonalds are the main face of the organisation itself, they are mainly responsible in ensuring that the organisation is seen as professional and that customers feel happy in coming back to McDonalds.

Employees themselves have to look the part when working at McDonalds as employees are urged to look representable and make sure that they wear their company uniforms. Local community: McDonalds have to ensure that their local community are not troubled by the way they operate and process themselves in the local area. McDonalds have to ensure that any rubbish is professionally put away in bins provided so that they do not attract rats around that area. As this is very unhygienic, this can trouble local people in the area as they will also be troubled due to McDonalds acting inappropriately and not doing their jobs properly.

Also, McDonalds have to ensure that they do not cause too much noise so that local neighbours are not disturbed. If McDonalds create a bonding relationship with its local community, they are likely to receive more profit as they arte the ones that are more likely to spend on a regular basis than other customers. Suppliers: McDonalds have to ensure that their suppliers produce their products and deliver on the given time that was agreed. The suppliers influence McDonalds as if their products are not delivered to the organisation they are unable to make profit as you cant sell anything if you haven’t got the product.

Also, the goods being supplied have to be of a high standard so that customers are pleased with the products they have bought. As McDonalds themselves do not grow their own products, they have to make sure that any products they buy are clean and are of high standard. The process of the suppliers for McDonalds can be explained in the diagram below: Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer DMU – Decision making unit The decision making unit is usually a group of people that are responsible for making a final decision in purchasing a product.

The DMU product I have chosen from my organisation is the McDonalds ‘McFlurry’. This is a product in which is an ice-cream that McDonalds have introduced so that they can attract as many customers to come and shop at their restaurants. The product itself is very affordable at only 99p and can be enjoyed by the whole family of all ages. 1. User who suggests purchasing a product or service. 2. Influencers who try to affect the outcome decision with their opinions. 3. Decider Makers who have the final decision. 4. Buyers who are responsible for the contract.

5. Gatekeepers who control the flow of information. The 7ps Price: the McFlurry is seen at a cheap price and is affordable by most people. McDonalds sell this product at a price no higher than 99p, which is seen as cheap and your money worth. McDonalds have thought carefully about the price as if they were charging more, they would not have as many customers as not many would be able to afford it. If the price was really low, customers would have questioned the quality of the product and why would the organisation sell this product for at a low price.

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