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Dance Northern Ireland runs the best dance festival on the island of Ireland call ‘ Earthquake’. Within my placement I had a unique opportunity to be involved in various aspects of administration, management, marketing and both performance and workshop participation. Dance Northern Ireland is the largest organisation within Ireland for the development of dance within the community. Using the considerable draw and appeal of Earthquake festival they can bring dance to society by giving a unique insight into dance and the doors that can be opened by it.

“This expansion of earthquake around northern Ireland underlines the policy of Dance NI to take the message of movement to as wide an audience as possible”. This year the media coverage of Earthquake saw a massive increase, including coverage of the world premiere of the Siobhan Davies Dance Company’s bird song in the times. The world premiere was a major honour for DNI and illustrates earthquake-growing importance on the dance and sports scene.

In addition, they staged two United Kingdom and five Irish Premieres with dancers and companies from the US Switzerland, England, the Republic of Ireland, Greece, India, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and China. Virtually every form of dance was included in the many performance, workshops and masterclass and this year almost 600 people took part within the free workshops. Special guests tutors included Liz Lea, Sarah Cremer, Banxy and David Capps Head of dance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who was oneof the judges at the Tyrone Crystal Youth dance evening.

Two of the highlights were the visits to the Grand Opera House of the world famous dance theatre of Harlem – For Earthquake first collaboration with the theatre and the stunning Zurich Ballet Company to the Millennium Forum. We had Encouraging attendances at all our venues, ” says DNI Director, Vicki Maguire,” which was a clear indication that earthquake is catching the attention of the general public. It is now a celebration of dance with a reputation for excellence. Job Description Dance N I placed me as an Outreach assistant’s role.

Within this role I had unique insights with the organisation and took my lead from the Project Manager Jane Moore. For me this was a great time to join up with Dance NI, as they were in full flight with the awarding winning festival Earthquake. My job description with Dance NI was never going to be normal. As aspects of the Earthquake Festival were taking priority it was evident from day one that my involvement would be priority based rather than routine. I worked as a team member and each day’s placement took on different tasks that were allocated.

Daily Diary First meeting 18th February Meeting with The Director – Vicki Maguire – initial interview and discussion. Questions asked from bothsides about the placement. Vicki the managing director also asked would I open the festival for her, which would be held in the Waterfront. This event was for the press and danceni members. Second meeting 28th February An introductiion to the team.

An explanation of daily administration tasks ie correspondence, responding to enquiries verbal and written, follow up on research items, check tutor availability document all responses, database entry for mailshot, preparation of distribution lists, liason to and from various team members,preparation for workshops, preparation for press launch,poster planning and distribution. Completion of Daily Diary 3rd March Press Release at Waterfront Performance at The Waterfront press launch, liason with press and TV and other dance facilitators/performers on the day. Went to the Waterfront early, also given a dressing room and went through things with all of the sound/lighting technicians. Then the show begain, with myself and my partner Jamielee Gibson opening the whole festival.

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