Development Chart

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Physical Development Intellectual/Cognitive Development Language Development Social/ Emotional/ Behavioral Development Moral Development Birth 3 months Reflexes -? Swallowing Rooting – Grasp – Startle – Walking & Standing – Falling Moves head deliberately – waves arms – kicks legs vigorously. Grasps finger. Visually alert- follows adult movements wealth visual field – watches movement of own hands engages In finger play shows excitement at sounds of voices, footsteps, bathwater etc.

Sudden loud noises distress provoking blinking -crying and turning away. Cries when uncomfortable. Fixes eyes unblinking on mother’s face when feeding – begins to react to familiar situations – smiles – coos and makes excited movements Looks for reassurance and security, responds well to cuddles and pleasing reaction from career, makes noises of delight when care routines are carried out, starts to build a bond with career. 3 Months to 6 Months Limb movements smoother When held in In standing position, sags at knees.

Lifts legs and grasps foot Sits with support. Begins to clasp and unclasp hands. Babies begin to notice objects around them. Babies may start to smile back when they see a smiling face. Enjoyment of bath time. ‘Off 9 Months Sits alone Can turn body to look sideways Attempts to crawl Pulls self to standing position with support Use whole hand to grasp objects. Toys and objects are being explored in the mouth and also with fingers. Arms lifting up to show a career that they want to be picked up.

Smiles of delight when they are laying with their primary career. Social/Emotional/ Behavioral Development 13-19 years Occasional poor spatial awareness as a result to body shape changing quickly – particularly common in boys. High levels of skill e. G. Using computers Use of phones and technology to communicate with friends Confidence and enjoyment when with friends. Behavior linked to low self-esteem e. G. Smoking, misuse of substances, early promiscuity. Understanding about right and wrong and consequences of actions Interest in moral issues.

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