Development and Leadership

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Development and Leadership Madeline Johnson October 6, 2013 Working with Individuals 1 . Challenges that Is likely to be encountered with regard to working with various individuals. A. Cultural differences amongst the PRM & ARM threatened the sense of togetherness and belonging that the merger was seeking to create (Bookbinder & Shanks, 2012). B. One of the challenges for Portsmouth is developing a rapid training program for new technologies and address skill levels of Individuals (Buccaneer & Shanks, 2012). C.

Challenge for the leadership is to maintain motivated and committed employees while producing superior service and care with the highest quality and productivity during the transition (Fox, 2006). 2. Strategies for assessing Individuals’ needs and addressing them a. Utilizing proper assessment to Identify areas of motivation and how to influence behavior and obtain best practices and resource tools for employee’s success. (Borrowers, 2009) (Fox, 2006). B. Leadership 1 OFF maintains treatment open and honest communication and round to build an motional bank account (Studier, 2008). . Employee feedback should be encouraged by the managers as it tells them how motivated and satisfied the employees are in the organization (Importance of Employees Feedback, 2009) 3. The rationale for why this is important for organizational success a. Identifying motivations and Job performance areas for improvement and provide coaching tailored to employee’s needs in the best interest of the organization to increase productivity and succession planning (Studier, 2008). B.

Employees feel that they are part of the organization when they make decisions that guide the organization’s future increasing Job satisfaction and productivity (Workplace Emotions and Attitudes peg. 117). C. Reward and recognize excellent behavior and share the story to cultivate the culture of the organization (Studier, 2008). 4. Conclusion a. In order for Portsmouth to succeed, leadership needs to assess employee satisfaction and determine employee motivation and respond to ensure employees receive the necessary tools needed for success.

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