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Families come to Disneyland to enjoy their vacation and to forget about their daily life. They take time off from their daily life to enjoy the magical experience. Most families would go around watching the parades and try all the different rides. Parents usually take their children to all the Disney characters and get them to sit by them and take photographs or they get the Disney characters to sign an autograph. If there is a baby with the family they can take the baby to the baby centre and change it or feed it or they can also hire a pram.

The older children would demand for fast food and other treats which would be sold at McDonalds, burger king, pizza hut or little stands which sell ice cream and all sorts of other junk food. Needs: The five basic needs are water, food, clothes, shelter, and warmth. A family that goes to Disneyland needs food and water because it will provide them with energy and will keep them alive. They need shelter to protect them from bad weather. Clothes are a very big need because they need something to keep them warm.

Wants: When a family goes to Disneyland they want everything. They want to go on all the rides and meet all the characters to shake there hands and to take pictures. They want to eat nice foods e. g. ice cream, candy floss, and all sorts of other fast-food. The children want toys e. g. teddy bears and other prizes which can be won. They would also like to watch the night parades and go to the theatres where they can watch the movies in 3d wearing the special effect glasses. Most families would not leave Disneyland without souvenirs.

They want to get there pictures taken next to big rides and all the characters they meet. They also want a nice and comfortable place with many facilities to live. Customer 2: Couples Couples would come to Disney land to get away from day to day life and they come to spend time together. The couple would go on rides together and watch the parades and share food. They have chances to do more and to explore more because they do not have any commitments e. g. children. When they go around they are bound to see Disney characters so they will take photos and get autographs.

Once they have finished exploring the rides, water parks, and all the amazing Disney activities they are bound to get tired and would want to spend some nice quiet time together. Needs: The five basic needs are water, food, clothes, shelter, and warmth. They need food and water so they can avoid being hungry and avoid being thirsty. Also food provides you with energy so it keeps you going. They also need shelter to protect them from bad weather also they need a place to stay when they are out of Disneyland so they can sleep peacefully knowing they are safe protecting them from bad weather.

Clothes are a major need because it provides warmth. Wants: When a couple goes to Disneyland their wants and desires are endless. They want to go on rides together and meet characters and eat nice foods. They would buy ice creams and all sorts of other snacks e. g. donuts and drinks. They want to take pictures of characters and they would take pictures of themselves to remember their holiday. They would buy souvenirs to remember special places. They may want to watch the night parades. Once they have finished one day at Disneyland they want a nice and comfortable place to live.

Customer 3: employees There are many employees that work at Disneyland, without them Disneyland would never function properly. The employees are one of Disneyland’s main assets. Examples of Disney land employees are the characters, people that work at shops and restaurants, the cleaners, people that work at the Disney hotel. These are just some examples of employees at Disney land however there are many more. All these employees are very important and without them there would be no fun at Disneyland.

Without these employees we would no be able to enjoy our trip to Disney land. Needs: The five basic needs are water, food, clothes, shelter, and warmth. Employees at Disneyland need food to keep them going as it provides energy, they need water to stop dehydrating, they need clothes for warmth, and they need shelter to protect them from bad weather. If you are working at Disneyland you will need to wear a uniform with some kind of ID so you are recognised and are identified as a worker at Disney land.

Wants : Employees at Disney land want respect and to be treated fairly. They do not want to be treated badly by tourists and there managers. Wages is the main want, this can be classed as a need however anyone can work voluntary. Some employees may want overtime to works so they can earn that extra bit of cash. They want to work in a safe and friendly environment where they now they will be appreciated. Customer 4: Business events Needs :Inside Disneyland there are several individual businesses, these businesses have conferences going on all the time.

The business associates that attend these conferences will by no doubt need the five basic needs. The five basic needs are water, food, clothes, shelter, and warmth. Water will allow the business associates to hydrate themselves and food will provide energy. Therefore it is necessary to have a restaurant or a place where the business associates can get food and water.

It is quite obvious that the business associates will need clothes in order to keep them warm however it is likely that the business associates will come dressed they will need shelter to protect them from bad weather so it is necessary that Disneyland a provide a hall or a place indoors where the conference can take place. Wants: The business associates may have a list of wants.

One example of a want that a business associate may want is access to the internet. They may want nice comfy chairs to sit on. When the business associates are speaking or doing a presentation they will want the other business associates to listen rather then talking to each other. The associates will want to be treated with respect and they will want the conference to be taken in a luxuries hall.

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