Developing Customer Relations

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You work for Forte Lodge Hotel in Manchester. You have been in the Customer Service department for the last three months and your supervisor has asked you to complete the following table. Internal customer- a person that works in the business External customer – a person that does not work in the business Routine – something that happens every day e. g. a customer wants a vegetarian or halal Non- routine – if someone is about to propos to someone this would not happen every day, these are things that don’t really happen everyday Customer Needs ; Expectations How can we deal with it

Internal – Your supervisor wants you to produce a report on staff absences The supervisor expects wants a report and information, if it’s not possible to be handed on time it has to be said before the deadline, she expects you to use absence report this should be Accurate and handed in on time. it Do some research and check if the information is right and has no mistakes on it and all the information should be correct The way the employee should deal with it is to check the absence before submitting it and hand it in on time, the employee should plan it and then research it.

Internal – Your staff are expecting the Christmas overtime rota Employees need information and have a clear understanding of what they are supposed to do. The staffs expect the rota to be fair accurate and give them before so they have notice. The employees want to be consulted on what days they are willing to take. The employee want the routine to be fair to staff so the way to make it fair Is to have to be given a week before and the staff need to be told in advance to organise babysitting or holidays etc.

should use last years rota to make sure you have changed it and use last year’s rota and make a new one. Give a draft to staff and ask for any changes if they are not happy with it. External – A Business woman arriving at the hotel for a meeting She would need information and expects the employee to be kind and helpful e. g. greet the business woman positively show what room the meeting is in. She expects all the equipment to be in the right place and all the refreshment to be made and done.

The employee should try to make all the room organised and ready with refreshments, Stationary e. g. pens, note pads and paper. smart board compute enough chairs and make sure the room is prepared and looking professional and tables with computer etc that could be one of the way the employee can deal with it the other way is that the employee should send an email or phone call to say if she would like any changes made. External – A mother and young children arriving for lunch Mother wants assistance and information and expects children’s happy meal and menu at a reasonable price with lots of options to choose from. The mother expects a high chair for her baby.

She would expect a place to change her baby e. g. changing rooms. They way the employee should try to deal with it is to provide a work shop for kids or a cri?? che and the employee should make sure it’s safe, organised and the employees should be patient with the family provided with children’s facilities e. g. changing rooms for the baby. External – An elderly man calling for information The elderly man wants advice and information. The man expects the employee to talk to him about the hotel facilities, hotel services, terms and conditions.

Should not speak to the old man talking rudely. The member of staff should be clear and loud when speaking proper English has to be used so this means on slang should be used. Give the correct information. The employee should be prepared to answer any questions that the man may ask. External – A foreign woman wanting to book a room The foreign woman wants correct information because she might not speak English. She might want an escorted and taken to her room.

She expects to be checked in as soon as possible so the employee should tell the women the terms and conditions e. g. the day of arrival must be checked out by 12. 00 on the day of departure. The way the employee should deal with it is to offer her an interpreter and translator. Then have her check if the room is clean before she comes. The employee can arrange the luggage to be escorted and sent some one to show the around the hotel then taking to her room e. g. give her leaflets in her language about the hotel and the activities in it such as swimming pool, gym, sauna and golf course.

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