Developing Customer Relations

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I worked as a part of a small group of 4 people. We had to work as a team together to find out solutions to different customer service situations. We had to put down our ideas on sugar paper. In this group work, I have worked really well. I suggested many good situations for my group to investigate on. At the end we decided to work on the following problem: “Not enough stock for the customers.”

I moved the discussion forward by recommending some very reasonable solutions for the chosen situation we decided to work on. Our solutions were very good and we thought and discussed about them, then finally we came to an end by deciding on how to solve the problem. In a real business situation we would solve this “Not enough stock” problem, by apologising to the customer and politely requesting them to have patient and wait till we can solve the matter.

Things that went well in our group work: We all contributed and shared our excellent ideas to each other We showed that we have outstanding communication skills Everyone worked as a team and didn’t feel shy to suggest any ideas. If anyone wasn’t agreed with something, they didn’t start shouting and abusing each other, instead they were calm and made the other person understand their view about that thing.

Things that didn’t quite went well in our group work: The problem we faced in our group work was: We sometimes didn’t quite know what to say or suggest. To overcome this problem our solution was: The more talkative person brought up some topics and ideas on which the conversation started and we carried on, on our work. The problem we faced in our group work was: At the start not everyone was contributing, some people were just listening To overcome this problem our solution was: The people who were suggesting ideas or were saying something in the conversations, they asked the quiet persons their views. They asked them: “Do you agree or disagree with this?”, or “Do you have any other ideas?”

Pair works: I had to work in a pair, to make up a role play based on a particular customer situation. Our situation was that the organisation didn’t have enough stock for their customers. I worked very well in my pair, and we came up with lots of different solutions for our role play. I suggested many solutions. We then had to choose one solution to our problem and make a role play so we can act it out. After we choose our solution, we started to write our short drama script.

In our short drama play we needed a Manager and an angry Customer. The Problem was that the customer had ordered a product and came to the collection at its due date, but then was told by the cashier lady that, that product didn’t arrive yet. The customer was very angry and wanted to see the manager.To solve this problem I have contributed many ideas and shared my view about each and every idea that was suggested. When we didn’t know what to say or talk about then I have moved the conversations forward by starting another topic or by suggesting more ideas. M2- Explain why presentation, interpersonal and communication skills are important to customer service. For M2 you need to write a report.

Writing: Imagine that you are working for the same retail organisation in the UK as the in the last task. You work as a sales assistant on the shop floor. Your will write a short report (400 words) on why presentation, interpersonal and communication skills are important to customer service in a retail organisation. In a customer service there are three skills that are very important. These skills are interpersonal skills, presentation skills and communication skills. To be able to provide an excellent customer service you must use these skills in your service. It is very helpful if you know correctly how to use these skills.

Presentation skills are very important to be able to provide an excellent customer service. You can use this skill when you give out a presentation or when you present a product to your customer. Presentation skill means to give out a well-mannered and exceptional presentation. You need to be prepared, so that your presentation can be successful. Presentation skills have to do with a welcoming smile, appropriate clothes and smart appearance.

For example many businesses have uniform for the staff. There are many advantages- employees do not have to worry about what to wear, customers can easily spot the staff and the organisation projects a consistent image. Other business provide their staff with a dress code or guidelines which tell staff what to wear and what not to wear at work. This makes it easier for the staff to decide what to wear. Also it makes the business look very smart and formal. It is straightforward for the customers to recognise a member of the staff because everyone is wearing the same clothes.

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