Developing a Product Evaluation

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The high quality pizza will be a 12 inch high quality pizza. I have decided to sell a 12 inch pizza because there was more demand for them over the 7 inch, 9 inch and 15 inch pizza. I have also chosen to put chilli chicken and sweetcorn as the toppings they were the most preferred toppings chosen by the people who filled out the questionnaire. The following graph shows what the people who fill out the questionnaire chose as their favourite topping. They were asked to choose their 3 favourite and even though cheese was chose the most; it is always included on every pizza.

Form is the appearance of an item – what it looks like. Aesthetic of a product is the beauty of the product and is solely based on the looks of it. Before the pizza is baked, the flour mixed in with water to make the dough. The flour is white in colour and has a soft texture. The dough has a pale yellow colour and can be moulded into any shape which makes it perfect for the pizza base. The sweetcorn is light yellow in colour before it has been cooked and after it has been cooked, it darkens vaguely and become slightly firm.

The chicken is also a bit pale as it has been kept in the refrigerators and after it has been cooked, it turns to a dark drown colour. It has a cube shape because it is bought diced from the suppliers – JJ Food. The chillies are dark green in colour and are quite small because they are cut up into small pieces. The form of the pizza will be a round circular shape. It will have a brown look to it once it has been baked in the oven because the base on and toppings will be cooked. The pizza will have a soft texture however; the crust will have a more crispy texture.

The pizza will be aesthetically pleasing to the customers so they are more likely to buy and be more satisfied with their purchase. The form of the packaging is a cuboid. It is white in colour and has the words “Freshly Baked Pizza” on it as it is provided by JJ Food. The packaging contains the business’s phone number so the customers know how to contact us should they wish to order from us again. The phone number will be put a sticker on the pizza as the company where the pizza is bought from (JJ Food), doesn’t offer customisation of the pizza box.

The packaging will also contain information on how to pre-heat the pizza so the customers can enjoy their pizza as it will go slightly cold due to delivery times. The function of a product is what it does through its features. The primary function of the pizza is to be eaten by the customer. Because the pizza is high quality, the customers should feel they are getting what they paid for therefore it should meet their expected level of standards. The pizza is to be enjoyed by the customer therefore it has to taste and smell good. The cheese on the pizza will be melted and is used to help the rest of the toppings in place.

The functions of the toppings are to add extra taste to the pizza. The function of the flour is not only used to make the dough, but is also used to stop the dough to sticking to the surface when it is being flattened out. The function of the packaging is to hold the pizza whilst it is being delivered to the required destination. It is also used to keep the pizza inside fresh. The pizza box leaves minimum gaps inside so the pizza is kept in one place meaning it has less chance of getting damaged. The packaging will have a lid that encloses on the base and will have flaps on it to support the lid.

Customer service is important as it enhances the image of the business and if the customers are happy with the business, they are likely to shop their again. My business will be offering a variety of services to the customers but it will be limited as the customers don’t have the option to go inside the actual shop. One of the services I will be offering to the customers is free delivery. The free delivery is only available within a 5 mile radius of the shop as it will cost the business a lot of expenses such as fuel if it were to deliver to further locations.

There will be no minimum purchase required for the customer to be eligible for the free delivery as the price for one 12 inch pizza is i?? 11. 99 which is more than enough to cover the cost of running the delivery vehicle. The waiting time for the pizza should be no more than 20 minutes for the time the customer orders the pizza. This includes the time it takes to make the pizza from the time it delivered to the customer’s house; therefore maximum effort will be given to ensure orders are taken as quick as possible. Failing to comply with this time limit will mean the customer will get frustrated and are not likely to shop there again.

In drastic occasion, they could refuse to take the order. When the customers are ordering over the phone, the employee who answers the phone is to greet them before the customer before they take the order and give them a valediction before they hang up. This is done so the customer’s feels like the business actually cares about them. Safety Requirements In order to successfully start up the business, there are certain laws and regulation that are to be met. One of these acts is the Health and Safety at Work act 1974.

This act states that the employer is responsible for the safety of the employee. Therefore I have to make sure the workplace is a safe environment to work in. To do this, I must make sure any loose wires are tucked away so nobody trips over them, wet floor signs are put up when the floor is wet so nobody slips and any dangerous equipments such as knives are put aside in a safe place. As well as this, the employees will be given training in which hazards of the workplaces are pointed out so they are aware of them and the quickest and safest route to the fire exit will be informed to them.

To comply with this regulation, I will put up 2 wet floor signs when the floors are wet, put 2 fire extinguishers around the workplace to extinguish any fires that may occur and fire exit sign above the back door so the employees know where to go in case of a fire. Another law that I have to meet is the Foods Safety Act 1990. This act states that all food that is being sold must be safe to eat. It also states that the food must not render injuries to the health of the person who is eating it. To meet this act, I have to make sure that all the ingredients used to make the pizza are all of a suitable standard i.

e. clean and not past their expiry date. If the materials aren’t to a suitable standard, then the taste of the pizza won’t be as good and it may cause the customer to get food poisoning. As well as this, I have to make sure the work place is hygienic which means I have to clean the equipment such as knives and pizza cutter after every pizza batch and make sure the surface the food is prepared on, is also clean. The consumer protection act is an act that makes it an offence to supply goods that could be deemed unsafe to the customer.

For example, a plastic toy must not contain any toxic material because it is used by small children who could put it in their mouth. A way I can ensure that I meet this act is by making sure the greaseproof paper doesn’t get mixed with the base. Another way I can follow this act is by making sure the ingredients used to make the pizza are safe to eat. If something does go wrong with the pizza, the customer could get food poisoning and send in complaints which would damage the reputation of my business. The employees will be made to wear safety equipments such as aprons, gloves and oven mitts to stop them from getting hurt.

As their employer, I will make sure they are wearing them at all times. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in serious injuries, fines or my business could end up being shut down. Material Resources: The quality of materials used to make the pizza will be high as it is a high quality pizza. The materials used will be bought from high quality retailers such as John Lewis and from Asda. Even though Asda sell low quality ingredients, they also sell high quality as well. Some of the products bought are organic such as Organic Wildflower Honey and Organic Atlantic sea salt.

By including high quality ingredients on the pizza, it will enhance the taste of it therefore the customers will be satisfied with their purchase. The reasons why customers should feel satisfied, is because they are paying good money for a high quality pizza and in return, they should fell they are receiving a high quality pizza. As well as organic products, I have bought branded ingredients as well such as Napolina Chopped tomatoes and Doves Quick Yeast over low quality ingredients such as supermarkets own brand because it offers a higher quality as well as taste.

The packaging is made from cardboard because it can be easily folded. This means that it can be folded in the necessary places which makes it the perfect material for the pizza packaging. Physical Resources Physical resources are equipments used to make a product. To make the pizza I will need a variety of physical resources. These resources are bought from a variety of sources such as Charlies Direct, Argos and Asda.

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