Destinations For Snow Boarding

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Are you a snow boarder with a deep passion? Then you should know all these excellent locations around the world. If not, then learn about these places in this article. Try to pay a visit to these best snowboarding locations. If you fail, then you are going to be the ultimate loser for not having such a lovely time in your life.

Solden – Austria

This remarkable resort is located at a distance of about 50 miles from Innsbruck and 20 miles west of Otztal. The three extremely dangerous slopes in this place have the fastest lifts in the world. In any case, once in a week during night time, people are allowed to go for boarding in the night as you wish. People can see exhibition of fireworks and all things that are necessary to make the night look beautiful. People can have a drink while moving along the board and have a funny experience. I would recommend this to anyone to explore this.

St Anton – Austria

St Anton is the best holiday resort destination for snowboarders with some great terrains. This place, being a famous destination, gets crowded very much. Since these slopes are steep and heavily crowded, this is not an ideal location for beginners. Snow boarders ride here at a high speed than the normal speed because of the powder present in the slopes.

Tignes – France

Whenever people think of snowboarding in France, the name that comes to their mind is Tignes. Tignes opened its arms wide to greet snowboarders. But in reality, people had a feeling that they can do only skiing there. People who want to earn their daily bread by taking variety of snowboarding classes come here for learning. Few tree runs in this place makes it not an ideal place for person who like it.


This is one of the largest indoor real snow slopes. This place suits well for beginners and they can take up lessons there. People pay on an hourly basis for the use of slopes and it is inclusive of boot and board hiring. Advanced riders can practice free style by paying the required fee. In the closed environment, instructors will have a look at you whether you do properly or not. They will give instructions and guidelines for your betterment in this sport.

LAAX – Switzerland

Most of the people consider this place as a paradise. Many important events for snowboarding take place here. Not even a single professional will ignore the chance to showcase his talent on these difficult slopes. Whenever some important thing happens here, this place becomes serene and trendy for the viewers. Even page3 personalities like singers, pop stars and DJs always try to accompany themselves with the events that are happening around. Beginners have a good time at these ski lefts make it a memorable moment for them. This place is a combination of both hard and difficult slopes as well as easy slopes for starters.

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