Designing an online book store

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Online Bookstore is a fully functional book store. This project is aimed a designing a book store so that a user can read the book, search for a particular book, recommend book and rate the book. This online book store helps user to add the books in a shopping cart so that he can order the book when he/she wants to buy the book.

This project has various functionalities, which are discussed below:

a) User Registration:

It asks a particular user for registration. So that user can login to his/her own page next time he logins and view his/her shopping cart.

b) Product Voting:

User has the facility to rate a particular book, so that the rating of the book is defined. It helps other users to view the book on the basis of most recommended books

c) Categories:

Presently only 5 categories of books are present in the shopping cart. These categories involves: Database, Fiction, History, HTML and Web Design and Programming.User can select books in these categories only.

d) Shopping Cart :

Shopping cart is designed for user. Whenever a user selects a book and wants to order this books, books automatically entered in the shopping cart.

e) Adinistration of Members :

Members can be viewed by the administrator. So if administrator wants to view the detail, or if he wants to update certain information , he can edit all these informations.

f) Administration of Orders:

Administrator can administer the orders given by users, and further transfer the ordered books to the user.

g) Administration of Items:

Administrator can administer the items in the book store. He can add , delete and update the information as well as he can update the amounts of books and the other information of the book.

h) Administration of Categories:

Administrator as the facility to insert, update or delete the categories of the books . At present there are only 5 categories of the books: Database, Fiction, History, HTML and Web Design and Programming, but he can add or delete more categories in the shopping cart.

i) Administration of Credit Card Types:

When a user wants to buy a particular book, the administrator checks for his credit card information. If the information in credit card is not correct, the software prompt the user to enter his card number of card category correctly.

j) Search Mechanism :

A search mechanism is provided to help user as well as administrator to search the books on the basis of category and title. Moreover many search options are provided to the administrator to get the result accurately and quickly.

k) Advanced Search Mechanism:

Advanced search mechanism is provided to user and administrator to search the book on the basis of Title, Author, Category, Price less than and Price more than. A user/ administrator enters the search of his choice and get the proper result.

l) Product Listing:

This list of product are shown to user as well as administrator to view all the books present in the book store.

m) Time and date viewer

Time and date viewer helps user as well as administrator to view the date and time and ship his order on the day.

n) context sensitive help

Context sensitive help, helps user to enter the information properly and it also helps in getting the information, in proper order.

o) Inventory control :

The software helps administrator to view the inventory. Once the stock is less, the software itself prompt administrator to check te inventory of the book store.

p) Weekly specials: This helps user to view which books are special for this week. This information is entered by the administrator on the basis of the recommendation by the users.

SW development languages, tools used and Installation Guide

1. Application (OnlineBookStore) – Installation

This program came with single zip file:

* Which is all the source code and compiled java files. Just use winzip to extract it to tomcat\webapps\example\

The zip file ( after extract to the tomcat\webapps\examples, you need to shutdown and restart the tomcat. After shutdown tomcat, please delete all the files under tomcat\work\localhost\OnlineBookStore\ to prevent system use the old compiled jsp file.

When system first time run the jsp file, it will be compile to servlet and keep in tomcat\work\localhost\JavaLibrary\. That why the first time when jsp file run seem slow because it need to compile to servlet, and the next time request the same file, tomcat will use the compiled servlet, so the speed had improve.

However, so for new installation, don’t forget remove all the previous files in that folder. So tomcat will recompile the jsp instead take the previous version.

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