Designing a Website for An Engineering Company

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For my project I am going to design and build a website for an engineering company called B.P.S engineering. B.P.S engineering is a well established family based business with many employees. The company is run from its base at the old War air field at Shipham. This is where all of the business’s work is run from. B.P.S engineering is not a very large company and doesn’t deal with extensive amounts of work but most of its work load is from companies and business’s from the surrounding areas. B.P.S engineering is one of the only engineers left in the region of about 25-30 miles.

The company is always trying to increase its work load and size like any forward seeing company and recently have been looking for more engineers newly qualified or even unqualified trainees looking for a future in engineering. The company is offering a basic �5.50 starting wage, and also provides transport for workers in the form of a minibus from surrounding areas. Currently the company does not have any way of promoting or extending their customer list. B.P.S generally deals with metal as their main material, building from scratch or developing customers ideas or plans.

As you will have seen from the paragraphs above the company is very interested in expanding their business, I did not find this information out till I approached them about my project and asked them if they would like me to build them a website, the owner was very keen on the idea and he said that it will really help them to maximise the business. At the moment B.P.S doesn’t have a website to help their promotion and all of the communicating is done on the telephone or face to face when customers bring there work to workshop. All of the developing work is brought in by the customer with the existing material or plans and left there till it is completed. Being engineering there is very little that they can not do with metal.

The owner feels that it would be very beneficial for the company if there was a website for them which they could show there products and services 1) What sort of promoting information do you want on your website? As a advancing company we want information that will boost the amount of customers that are coming to are firm, we also want information on the website such as opening times, our location including a map so that customers can locate us easy enough. 2) Who do you want to have access to the website and at what times?

We want the website to be available to all the people who are interested in our company services but we don’t want any personal information about the company or the employees to be viewable freely on the website. 3) What sort of data would you want to collect from the visitors of your website? We would like to collect comments about the website and about the services we provide. 4) Would you want a page that you could update yourself online say using a members logon with options to update news, new services etc? Yes we would like a page to update ourselves but we wouldn’t want it to be difficult and we wouldn’t want it to be possible for just anyone to access and change.

5) If you have a page for collecting comments from visitors of your site where would you like that information to go to? I am not sure where you can send or store the information, but we don’t think we would want the information to be saved online so other people could read it just in case it is inappropriate. 6) What do you want to happen to the data that you feed onto the website? We would want it to be displayed on the website of course and saved until we want to change it. 7) Do you have any preference to the way the site is laid out and how the content is divided over the different pages? We want the website to be affective in the way that it catches peoples eyes when they view it but it shouldn’t be over powering. We don’t want the contents to be crammed onto one page but spread over a few pages we want it to be readable, but not ridiculously spread out.

8) Do you know of any other sites that you want your site to be linked to? We are not sure at the moment of any sites but we would like our site to be linked to one of those online engineers directories. 9) Do you want there to be information on the first page of your site or do you want a minimal amount of detail and start your information on the second page? We would like there to be a cover page then start the information and services on the second page. 10)Do you have a style or pattern or any colour scheme you would like me to base you site on? We would like you to add some pictures of the company and keep the colours scheme relating to engineering and not ridiculously stupid.

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