Design and Organisation of Management

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The director of marketing: The director of marketing is the one who market his product in the market. At first he should try to target good customers from the market who are well known or at least who will buy the product slowly but often. The director of marketing should market the product in a wide range of market where the competition is low and with good quality to maintain and gain more customers so that it would help the company grow wider.

Other than this the director of marketing should find out more of the other market where his goods and services can be sold in a good price and make the company go into higher profit. The formal pattern of interactions and coordination designed by the management to link the tasks of individuals and groups in achieving organization goals. At the organisational level, dividing jobs among organizational members is called departmentation. Making departments make it easy to do work by distributing the work.

As the cash going and coming would go to the accounts and finance department, selling products would go to the sales department, and handling employees and hiring new employees would go to human resource department. Distributing jobs into department make the job easy for the managing director help the company do well. And it has advantages as well. This increases the skill variety and task identity by redesigning the job to increase the number of task that the employee performs. This could be criticised because the work may not be challenging comparing to one task.

This could increase the ability to complete a whole piece of work. Job Enrichment Except for increasing the variety, job enrichment increases the responsibility, decision making and feed back in the employees’ work and enhances the nature of the job relation with managers, company worker and clients. Job Rotation Job rotation helps the employees to increase their skills by allowing individuals to shift among the variety of tasks. This increases the understanding of the different jobs and their interdependencies. It can be used to reduce the boredom.

Empowerment When employees are given the opportunity to inherit both thinking and doing the tasks, they will have more control over that how the work is been done, organised and controlled. This helps them to develop the ownership for the whole process, they would find the work more interesting and challenging and they will try to make the work more efficient. Monitor Role The next role we turn to is the monitor role. On the face of it this role appears less interesting than others in the competing values framework.

Monitoring connotes the watchful and intrusive gaze of the bureaucrat or the snooping supervisor. Monitors sounds like people who get paid for catching others enjoying their work and putting a stop to it. Monitor may sound like controlling and nosy activity, but monitoring, in the way we describe it, is essential in maintaining high performance in both individuals and groups. The monitor function focuses the manager’s attention on the internal control issues. The monitor function is concerned with consolidating and creating continuity.

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