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Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people. As a practitioner our role is to be aware of any issues that may have a positive or negative affect on a child or young person. Every Child Matters (ECMA) helps us to improve the outcomes and life changes for a child or young person, Every Child Matters has five outcomes that we can help children and young people to achieve, we want them to be healthy, to stay safe, enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being.

There are many different factors that can impact on a child or young person’s life, Some families choose to live a certain way and that is down to personal choice but sometimes can be perceived as not the ‘norm’ in society, personal choices could mean they are from a traveling community, this can affect a child and their schooling if their families are moving a lot as the child is not settled in a particular setting.

Same gender parents can sometimes have an impact on children, some children or people may not find that the norm in society and child may be bullied by others for not having a mum and a dad. A parent or career who chooses to smoke may have an effect on a child or young person’s environment, if a child with a medical condition is in an environment that is not suitable for their medical condition this can affect a child or young person’s health.

In my placement both parents are smokers and the child has a medical condition, the child does miss out on a lot of schooling due to illness, and that may be down to the environment that their live in and the personal choices that the parents make. A child or young person who is in care can have an impact on their schooling, the child ay moved from career to career, a child needs stability and to feel happy, content and safe if a child feels alone or unhappy this can affect their education as the child may not be interested to learn and achieve.

Living in poverty can have a big impact on a child or young person, having a low income can affect the child and the adults, if a parent cannot provide for their child the parents may feel worthless which could lead to mental health problems for the parent. Not living in a suitable environment can affect the child; they may not have the resources that other children and young people have. This may affect their emotional and social development as they feel there are not the same as others because they haven’t got what other children have.

Where children live can have an effect on a child or young person, A community which has anti social behavior can isolate a child and their families, other families may not want their children around other children and this can make parents reluctant to let their children play in the community, this can affect the child’s development as they are not getting to explore and learn to take their own risks and evaluate them for themselves.

If a parent or career is being offensive or causing anti social behavior this can result in the child or young person to be taken into care as the parents can be seen as not suitable to care for their child. This can affect a child’s emotional development; being taken away from what they know can be an upsetting time for a child.

A child or young person who may have an illness may spend a vast missing time from there setting can have an impact on their educational development such as social development, missing out on a lot of schooling can prevent the child or young person from forming friendships with other children, elder children can be affected if there parent or career is ill, the older child may decide that they have to stay at home and look after their parents if there is nobody else to help, this can affect the older child as there are not getting the chance to socialism with their friends, missing school will also impact on their learning development and may miss important exams.

A child or young person who lives with a parent or career who has an addition can have a big affect them, there may feel isolated from others and under stress if they do not want others to know about their implies addition, there may have to become a career for their parent if they are unable to do anything for themselves, not attending school will affect all aspects of their development and can also result in the child and young person being taking into care. When a child or young person loses a family member this can be a very upsetting time for them and for their family, it can affect their emotional development, the child or young person may come withdrawn. Children and young people deal with bereavement in different ways and a child who is not coping with he loss of a family member may see an impact on school life, other children or young people may make fun out a child who has lost a close family member, this can make the child upset, isolated from others, unable to concentrate.

Not having the right support will have an impact as the child may not be able to cope with everyday tasks. A child or young person needs to feel confident and have good self esteem from parents, if parents and careers do not support a child or young person this can lead to the child not having the confidence to succeed in what their do and can result in Hellenizing behavior. Family expectations can also mean that a child’s family is putting pressure on the child or person to do well in a subject or out of school activities that a child may not want to do put is being forced to do it, meaning the child or young person can become distressed or worried that they’re going to be a failure and that ether parents will be disappointed.

A families religious beliefs can affect a child’s social development, a child or young person may not be able to Join their friends on trips or activities due to families beliefs and religion, a child in my eating does not celebrate Christmas so this child misses out on activities and trips with their school, this impacts on there social development as they are not involved with the other children and when there doing activities such a nativity that child stays with a member of staff or is collected by parents. A child or young person may be made to feel excluded for many reasons, it could be due to their family status, their financial status, a child whose family do not have much money may feel that their don’t belong within the group, there ethnic origin or their religious beliefs.

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