Describe the functions and features of their website

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Using your three organisations used in Task 1: you are now required to describe the functions and features of their website. www. tesco. com has a number of links to sub-sites within the same domain; they have a link, for every department for which they sell products in. www. tesco. com have a link for groceries, wine, entertainment, clothing, phone shop and banking and insurance, is the user was to click on any of these links then they would be directed to another page with more links related to the department they are shopping in.

Register Registering at www. tesco. com is very simple and as follows: The user clicks on the link that says ‘register now ;’ Then they are directed to this sub-site, they enter their details in the register here box and click register, and that’s all the user is now registered with them and they can login whenever they use the Tesco website. Help Facilities

In the bottom left hand corner their is a clear link which says ‘help’ the user can click on this at any point in time when they are having difficulties using the website, after the user click on this a list of options come up of the area that the user is facing difficulties with, a common list of problems come up with a solutions however if the user doesn’t find the answer to his or her query then they can contact Tesco directly by email or telephone stating their problem and await a reply momentarily.

The transaction arrangements that are available to users are very similar to the ones available in their brick and mortar; the user can browse through he departments online and add whatever they want to their basket. Beside every product they sell online there is a icon which says Add to basket, after the user does this the item is secure and they can keep on adding until they are happy with what they have in their basket after which they go to the checkout and pay for the items in their basket as they would if they were in a store.

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