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The company I am going to study is Reuters PLC. This company is a worldwide information company which sells information to financial services and directly to customers. I will use the internet to find information about Reuters. Reuters Departments I will describe the main departments in Reuters. For each department I will describe their main objectives.


Reuters aim to protect their staff so that Reuters are able to run efficiency. They need to manage the needs of their work force. Sales Reuters aim to sell information to financial services and directly to customers. They manage existing customer’s needs while seeking new customers to buy Reuters products. Reuters protect the information they collect in order to be able to sell the information to clients. They protect information so customers have confidence in the privacy of their business dealings. Reuters staff is also protected in order to keep Reuters running efficiently. This information was given to me by Collette Ryan, head of Human Resources. Human resources aims are:

– To manage existing staff.

– To deal with managing potential staff.

The department also deals with existing staff by managing wages and also by promoting those who work to the highest standard. Human resources also deal with complaints against staff, whether it is from a customer or a fellow worker. If the complaint is found to have no wrong-doing the worker carries on with his job normally. If not, the necessary punishment is taken. This department helps recruit new staff using ICT, by advertising on the internet and giving a computerised application form to fill in to those who show interest. The application form asks for personal and employment information and is filled in using a computer, and if completed correctly are the first signs that they are able to use ICT. If accepted, they are given a contract which details the wages, sick pay, and pension scheme.

They are put on a pay-roll, and are also given a security pass in order to enter and leave the Reuters department. Another use of ICT they have is a database called Oracle to store employee information, such as name, date of birth, and address. I was provided sales information by Kunle Babarinde. The sales department has two main aims:

– To look after existing customers and persuade them to buy more.

– To get new customers to buy Reuters products.

In order to get customers to buy more, Reuters also gives out free gifts. This includes tickets to sports events such as Wimbledon and also other special events. If the customer then buys more products they spend more on the customer giving out gifts. If however they still do not buy any Reuters products, Reuters will stop giving them free gifts. Reuters also use cold-calling where Reuters contacts companies and lets them know about Reuters products and deals, and attempt to persuade them by adapting their products for the customer.

ICT is used as all the members of the sales department are given their own laptop. This is so that they are able to present presentations and access the internet wherever they go. The laptops have secure encrypted connections to many places around the world. They are also given a Blackberry mobile phone, these are web linked in order to be able to send and receive e-mails everywhere they go. The sales department also uses ICT by using database software called Customer Relations Management (CRM). This database records all customers contacted, the business they are in, what they have bought from Reuters, and also what products they are interested in. The database also reminds the sales department to contact customers every 3 months about Reuter’s products they maybe interested in. Anything more frequent than 3 months would cause hassle for the department, and also annoyances from the customer.

They use dual-screen monitors in order to run and use more programs at once. Information about the security department was given to me by Melanie Blanche-Barbat. Everyone in Reuters is given a Photo ID Pass in order to enter and leave the building securely and to stop intruders who are not welcome. Swipe card machines are used to read the passes. There are sensors on doors so that it is known when someone has entered or left the building for increased security.

There are also security guards located around Reuters equipped with walkie-talkies. This is so they are able to contact someone when needed quickly. This also reassures employees about security in Reuters. Digital security video cameras are located all around Reuters. There are also power back-ups so if one fails the other would take over and Reuter would still keep on running.

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