Day in the Life of a Project Manager

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We are presented with an insight into what it’s like in a day in the life of a project manager. The case shows the task of balancing her day both socially and technically. From the outside looking in one can reason her incompetence, however one can also deduce that based on the tendency of the job expectations; she is effectively building and maintaining cognitive communication skills with her Boss and the people who impact the project.

I will now grapple on the pros and cons I perceive in the management of her day. Her day starts with getting to work ahead of time to catch up with work before her co-workers and project team arrive, her night before also ends with a visit to her client’s site until 7:30 PM. This shows a strong commitment to her job. Her decision making skill is relatively justified, opting to delay the start of the status meeting to allow time for all members to be present.

Her time spent with Victoria is also justified seeing they both share personnel, resulting in a strategy to get Victoria’s project on schedule. She also took time out to follow up on an issue that had surfaced earlier at the status meeting, gathering information and dissipating it. She adroitly coordinates the handling of the issues relating to the discrepancy in the expectations of her client. Improvement can be made in the monitoring of her email and voice mail, the time lapse between the checking is unacceptable.

She’s often times a bit behind schedule due to the various fraternizing that go on with coworkers within the work environment and one could argue these unplanned breaks and how they lead to her wasted time, however the ratio of the time spend on the various distractions is minimal compared to the time spend handling her management activities. Overall she adroitly works under pressure, successfully balancing her time leading to a very productive day. She demonstrates effective control in bridging the gap between management and team members.

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